The Haunting of Bly Manor, Season 3: Mike Flanagan addresses the future of the Netflix show


Victoria Pedretti and Amelia Eve in The Haunting of Bly Manor.


If you remembered Netflix The Haunting of Bly Manor i The Haunting of Hill House, you probably want to wrap up in another nicely tragic horror show. Although the days are early for any updates on the anthology’s next “season,” showrunner Mike Flanagan has considered whether to come up with another chapter.

The news is not great for fans of The Haunting. “We’re not planning any more chapters at the moment,” Flanagan tweeted this week. “Never say never, of course, but we’re currently focused on a full list of other @intrepid projects for 2021 and beyond. If things change, we’ll absolutely let everyone know!”

Intrepid Pictures is a production company run by Flanagan. The company has signed a contract with Netflix to generate TV series, and Flanagan is currently busy filming Netflix’s Midnight Mass series, another horror show starring actors he has worked with on The Haunting of Bly Manor and Hill House.

Is there still hope for a new Haunting chapter? Here’s everything we know about Flanagan’s upcoming projects.

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Oliver Jackson-Cohen of Bly Manor.


Release date and break

Flanagan confirmed to Entertainment Weekly on October 12 that season 3 is not yet in active development.

Prepare for patience: It took Bly Manor two years to arrive after Hill House in 2018, and judging by Flanagan’s hectic schedule, it could take even longer for the next meal.

Flanagan tweeted in August began the first day of production on his current Netflix project Midnight Mass. The seven-episode horror series, which Netflix is ​​likely to arrive in 2021, is set in an isolated island community and will star actors Hill House and Bly Manor Kate Siegel, Rahul Kohli and Henry Thomas.

But at least that will bother us until Flanagan’s next project: Revival, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name about Warner Bros. It may be even darker, with themes like addiction and the afterlife. There is no production start date yet, but it will probably start sometime in 2021 after Flanagan wraps up Midnight Mass.

Flanagan has a contract with Netflix to develop several projects, and in May it was announced that he was also working on an adaptation of Christopher Pike’s adult novel The Midnight Club (there is no word yet on the start date of filming). Flanagan will squeeze the showrunner’s cap, creating and producing a project.

A third of Haunting should be on its way, but with Flanagan’s busy schedule, production could begin as early as 2022.

The timing could also depend on Flanagan’s directing assignments. While Flanagan is directing all the episodes of Midnight Mass, it has not yet been announced whether he will direct Revival 2021. If he decides not to do so, it could set him free to begin Season 3 of the Haunted.

We can also add his directorial participation in Season 3 by weather speculation: Flanagan directed all episodes of Hill House, but only the first Bly Manor.

Netflix’s renewal status renewal season

As of Oct. 11, the official renewal status of Netflix for Season 3 of Haunting is: On hold.

That’s no reason to panic: Netflix has revamped The Haunting of Hill House four months after its release, and Bly Manor is at the top of the list of most-watched shows in the U.S.


Au pair Dani Clayton in Bly Manor, based on The Turn of the Screw.


What will it be based on 3. season?

Each part of the Haunting anthology renames the famous ghost story. Hill House drew from Shurley Jackson’s 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, which is based on the ghost stories of Henry James, including the 1898 novel The Turn of the Screw.

Which ghost story will Flanagan adapt next? He doesn’t know yet, but as with the first two installments, he will continue to explore what it means to be a ghost.

“Ghost is the impact of the past on the present in every ghost story,” Flanagan told EW in October. “That’s all it really is, no matter how you dress it. The spirit is simply an element of the past that refuses to live in the past and instead just touches the present to change the present. It changes the trajectory of the person experiencing that little bit of the past … That connection between memories and ghosts, and between ghosts and the past, that’s the lifeblood of the show. “

“I feel there is no shortage of ghosts in the world,” he continued. “So if we could find a common language to talk about them, then it’s something we always strive for this season or later, if it goes that way.”


The Crain family at The Haunting of Hill House.


The cast wants to come back

If the Haunting anthology goes the way of an American horror story, it will continue to be reused by cast members for different roles in an unrelated story each season.

Siegel, Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Carla Gugino and Henry Thomas have all played roles in Hill House and Bly Manor, so there is a decent chance that Flanagan will continue to work with them.

But it is still too early to tell.

“I don’t really know anything about future seasons,” Pedretti, who played Nell and Bly Manor and au pair Dani Clayton, told The Wrap in October.

Jackson-Cohen, who played Luke of House Hill and Peter Quint of Bly Manor, said he would like to work with Flanagan again.

“I think it’s one of those in which, if Bly Manor succeeds well, they’ll talk to Netflix,” he told The Wrap. “But Mike doesn’t care at all and totally depends on what ideas he threw up his sleeve. But I think we would all definitely work together and work with him again, if the opportunity arises. But from now on there is really nothing concrete.”