The group insists on Yoruba sovereignty

The Global Alliance, a leading organization for self-determination with allies in 133 countries around the world, has insisted that its goal of Yoruba sovereignty cannot be negotiated or restored

The group warned Yoruba people currently tied up in Nigeria not to panic over the programmed invasion of robbers waging war against the whole of Nigeria.

In yesterday’s statement issued by the chairman of the council of the organization, Mr. Akogun Tola Adeniyi, the Yoruba Global Alliance has promised the Yoruba state that it seeks to prevent any threat to Yoruba’s corporate existence.

“We are not a cowardly nation. And although our civilization and enlightened worldview have permeated us with the unique principles of Omoluwabi, which provide love and accommodation to all human beings, we still believe that only humans should be treated as humans while animals are animals.

“We want to convince our Yoruba compatriots to work, but quietly, strategically and tactically, just as the perpetrators behind those devouring Nigeria remained anonymous without courage and seeking attention. The Yoruba fighting forces, as is the case in the tradition of soldiers around the world, should strike their chests to show their conquests. “

The group said it was convinced that Nigeria was already at war, adding also that the Shenanigans had not been deceived by those who accept terrorism and petty robbery and seek to impose the Stone Age mentality on all those who still mistakenly believe there is a country called

The group said it “sympathizes with our African cousins ​​in Sokota, Zamfari, Kaduna, Born and other countries north of the Niger and Benue rivers, which are being ruined daily by spoiled and officially encouraged terrorists, most of whom have been imported into their territory ex officio.”

“We are also aware of the vicious design of war-mongers to destroy the eastern and deltaic region of Nigeria with an unrealistic ambition to occupy such fertile lands after the indigenous owners of the former nation-states disappear.”

The group categorically stated that Yoruba will no longer be fooled by the hypocrisy, insincerity and hypocrisy of those who preach peace with empty rhetoric and dramatized visits with sympathy, while closing their eyes to the massive accumulation of weapons and brutal incursions and invasions of terrorized people preaching peace.

“It is dishonest for those who have cornered the entire apparatus for defense and security and who have all the powers to stop the unprovoked robbery of other people’s livelihoods, tie a tiger and hand over its tail to a dog and continue to preach peace and quiet to the tiger.” Don’t talk about peace, stop acts that make peace unattainable. “