The green arrow comes to ‘Fortnite’, but there is also one catcher

Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, is coming Fortnite.

The latest version of the DC comic is based on the CW version of the billionaire, played by Stephen Amell.

Ex Arrow the star even joked on Twitter, referring to the hero’s linen beard, which is notoriously missing from the TV adaptation:

If you haven’t watched Arrow, here’s a look at Amell’s Oliver Queen:

Fortnite’s version is a good resemblance – a saliva image, if you will – which is good for me. I used to really enjoy it Arrow before the hell it all went. Before showrunners allow fans to send Oliver and Felicity and drown the show in soap opera melodrama, endless lies and deceptions and the need to each individual superhero character.

Dude, that sure sounds like they ruined it too The Flash Is not it? I started watching the first season of this show with the kids because A) my son is great at Flash and B) both shows had stellar first seasons Arrow had a great second season). But I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the second season of the second show anymore or I’ll go crazy. I gave up both shows long before they were canceled. I reviewed both shows for as long as I could before the combination of ridiculously silly writing, Olicity fans, and poisonous ones made it too overwhelming.

MORE THAN FORBESArrow is dead and Olicity killed her

Anyway, I’m still happy to see the Green Arrow coming to Fortnite where it can come back like a stone cold bastard instead of being constantly embroiled in silly drama and bad romance. With all the flaws of the show, I still love it and Stephen Amell who did a phenomenal job as Oliver Queen and who seems like a really good person around him. (I have about the same feelings The Flash and Grant Gustin and many other members of both roles).

The Catch

There is a catch, of course.

The skin of the Green Arrow will not penetrate to the item store (like Batman), or even to a bundle of real money (like the skin of the Joker). This is the January Crew skin, which is part of Epic’s new Fortnite subscription service. Subscribers receive one skin each month, along with $ 1,000 V and access to the current Battle Pass. This is not a bad thing at all, especially when you consider the skin. Only leather and only V-Bucks would cost more than the $ 11.99 fee.

But that means this skin will only be available to subscribers. If you want it badly enough, you can always subscribe for a month and then cancel. I subscribed. In fact, outside of platform subscriptions, this is my only game subscription. I guess I’m just a Fortnite fan after all.

Green Arrow leather also comes with a Tactical Quiver Back Bling plus a style pick and boxing gloves. Pretty cool.