The government of Bukhari has established a committee to fight hunger in Nigeria

The administration of President Muhammad Bukhari has set up a team to fight hunger and malnutrition in Nigeria.

The presidency, in a statement to Laol Akande on Thursday, announced the inauguration of an ad-hoc technical advisory group to support the implementation of the five-year National Multisectoral Action Plan on Nutrition (NMPAN).

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was said to have constituted the group earlier in the week when he convened a virtual meeting of the National Food and Nutrition Committee.

Team members include the Office of the Vice President, the Forum of Governors of Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria, the Nutrition Partners Forum, the Organized Private Sector, the Academy / Research, the Secretariat for Nutrition Extension at the Federal Ministry of Health, civil society groups and UN-Nutrition.

Osinbajo said the body would “provide high-level strategic advice and support to the National Food Council Secretariat on national food and nutrition policy visions and strategies, thus facilitating nutrition positioning and comparative advantage to maximize performance.”

The board’s mandate includes providing technical assistance to the NCN and the Secretariat; facilitating inter-agency and intra-agency coordination, supervision and monitoring and implementation of NMPAN.

Osinbayo noted that the task would be accomplished by “developing a synthesized work plan for the National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan; identifying and documenting the roles of each sector and the MDA, as well as the relationship between these roles and achieving nutrition in nutrition, based on the NMPAN. “

The group will work with the newly established National Food and Nutrition Committee to define and train the secretariat on capacity needs for the development and implementation of food programs and projects as defined by the NMPAN.

It will also develop a comprehensive advocacy, information and education strategy for NMPAN

“We need to think holistically more than ever if we want to address malnutrition issues, in my opinion we have started a new era, where collaboration and active participation of stakeholders helping to implement NMPAN is built into our agenda and we should push us forward,” he said. Osinabjo.