The global headphone market is expected to grow at CAGR of over 11% in terms of revenue during 2020-2026

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The market is witnessing a great acceptance of real wireless headphones among consumers. In 2015, Bragi introduced the concept of true wireless headphones. However, Apple launched its AirPods along with the iPhone 7, which was a huge commercial success in late 2016. The inclusion of active noise cancellation, motion control, haptics and biometric tracking changed the dynamics of the headphone market. True wireless devices allow the user to answer calls, listen to music and integrate with hearing aids that help people with hearing impairments to hear clearly, thus improving the overall listening experience. These devices are expected to provide real-time solutions, such as language translation without mobile data, that will work with any smartphone.

The following factors are likely to contribute to the growth of the headphone market over the forecast period:
• Transition of smart wireless headphones into audible ones
• Standardization of value-added features
• Adoption of new technologies for product enrichment
• Innovations in audio technology and headphone production

The study considers the current scenario of the headphone market and its market dynamics for the period 2020? 2026. It includes a detailed overview of several drivers of growth, constraints and trends. The report also offers aspects of market demand and supply. It profiles and examines leading companies and other prominent companies operating in the market.

Global segmentation of the headphone and headphone market
The Global Headphone and Headphone Market Research report includes detailed segmentation by product type, technology, noise reduction, features, price range, distribution, end users, and geographic environment. The adoption of in-ear headphones is growing due to its lightweight design and greater portability. These devices are very popular among overweight users who use them in offices, on trips and during fitness and sports activities. As the in-ear models fit securely in the ear and allow users to effectively deny external noise, they have witnessed great popularity among fitness lovers. In terms of revenue, earphones are expected to reach $ 30 billion by 2026.

Growth in the music industry and the popularity of rap have a positive impact on headphone adoption. Headphone manufacturers are collaborating with several music artists and celebrities to launch special devices. The growing adoption of smartphones has been key in increasing headphone penetration. Advances in devices that can broadcast audio and video encourage users to invest in high-quality and sophisticated headphones. Music lovers are investing in high-quality, smart and wireless headphones that are compatible with Bluetooth devices. Smart speakers and headphones offer several ambient sound control functions and deliver a highly personalized listening experience. Life cycle changes and replacement requirements are major factors contributing to the entertainment segment.

Wired headphones have been a leading segment in the global headphone market for a long time due to the high cost of wireless devices. However, since 2010, this segment has grown with the increased adoption of wireless headsets among consumers due to improved production and audio technology. Mobility remains the biggest challenge for wired devices. Although wired devices are highly rated for sound quality, wireless devices have a higher advantage due to their practicality and usability. Wireless headphones provide a high-quality audio experience along with several high-end wired and wireless devices. Modern wireless devices called “portable devices” can work seamlessly as hearing aids, wearable fitness monitors and speech modulators. These factors increase their demand among users. Suppliers have incorporated innovative technology such as motion recognition and control, active head tracking, biometric surveillance, 3D surround sound delivery, which increases their appeal and acceptance among users.

The global market for active noise canceling headphones has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to the rise of Internet penetration and the popularity of connected devices. The growing demand for ANC in several audio settings, including hearing aids and protective communication devices, is driving the transition of ANC headphones to the listening segment.

Smartphones have witnessed major updates and are becoming more convenient. Feature-laden smart devices are redefining the wearable equipment genre as they integrate the functionality and capabilities of electronic devices into in-ear headphones. Demand for smart headphones has grown in recent years as more and more consumers are focusing on product aesthetics. Since 2016, entertainment and sports have been the main end users witnessing the great adoption of these devices. The ability of smart headphones to connect to most connected devices increases their appeal among users, and vendors are trying to position them as a central way to carry connected devices as well.

Apple, Sony and Samsung offer high priced headphones. The global premium headphone market is expected to reach over $ 22 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of over 11%. These devices cost a premium because they integrate high-tech features such as layered hearing enhancement and speech with headphones. North America is expected to emerge as the largest premium headphone market over the forecast period.

The headphones are sold in retail distribution channels such as specialty stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, and online stores. Retailers in countries like the US and the UK generally sell headphones either in e-shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets or in online stores.

product type
• In the ear
• On the ear
• Over the ear
• Wired
• Wireless
• Real wireless connection
• Smart
• Not smart
Noise attenuation
• Passive noise cancellation
End use
• Fun
• Sports
• Games
Price range
• Premium
• Moderate
• Low
• Online
• Offline

Europe and North America are projected to lead global market share in headphones and earphones. Europe and North America have been at the forefront of several consumer goods innovations, including electronic devices. Consumers in these regions have shown great interest in adopting digital audio and podcast subscriptions. They are also actively involved in fitness and sports activities. The trend of investing in music and fitness subscriptions is generating large sales of heads and headphones as basic accessories. The trend of streaming music online is high in Europe and North America, affecting market growth. The inclusion of smart features such as portable designs, water resistance, advanced sound control, sensors, motion control and better battery life increases the adoption of smart wireless headphones among consumers.

• North America
about the USA
o Canada
• Europe
about the UK
o Germany
o France
o Italy
o Spain
o Nordic
o Switzerland
o Benelux
o Poland
o Russia
about China
about Japan
o South Korea
o India
o Australia
• Latin America
o Brazil
about Mexico
about Chile
o Argentina
o Colombia
of Peru
• Middle East and Africa
o South Africa
o Turkey
about the UAE

Supplier insight
Bose, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Sennheiser and Skullcandy are the main suppliers in the global headphone market. The market is still slightly concentrated among the leading suppliers who make up the major revenue shares. The influx of new manufacturers and technology startups that dare to enter the audio sector increases overall market competitiveness. Innovation, cost and convenience play a crucial role in increasing demand. The adoption curve of smartphones can be predicted taking into account the spread of innovation of previous new technology products in the region. Partnerships with artists, event organizers and other end-user application entities are other growth strategies adopted by suppliers in recent years.

Prominent suppliers
• Apple
• Sony
• Samsung
• Bose
• Sennheiser
• Skullcandy

Other prominent suppliers
• Anchor
• LG Electronics
• Advance
• Amkette
• Audio-Technica
• Beyerdynamic
• Bang & Olufsen
• Creative
• Denon
• Grado
• Marley House
• Jays
• Jabra
• Jaybird
• Logitech
• A monster
• Motorola
• Nuheara
• Panasonic
• Philips
• Onkyo and Pioneer
• Plantronics
• Shure
• Sol Republic
• Turtle Beach
• Urbanears
• Westone
• Alphabet
• Rowkin
• Crazybaby
• Earin
• Meizu
• Waverly Labs
• Myman
• Toshiba
• Xiaomi
• Huawei
• CB3 Audio
• Cowin
• Bluedio
• Ailihen
• Kensington
• Zound
• Klipsch
• Dibidog
• Letscom
• Koss
• Goang-Fann
• Master & Dynamic
• Nokia
• Gonoise
• Imagine marketing
• BBK Electronics
• Microsoft
• JLab Audio
• Blaupunkt
• Sound Huggle
• Cocoon technology
• Nura
• Hooke Audio

1. What is the market size and growth rate of headphones over the forecast period?
2. What are the main new technologies adopted in the headphone market?
3. What are the market constraints that affect the demand for headphones?
4. Which segments are expected to have the highest revenues during the forecast period?
5. Who are the prominent suppliers in the headphone market?
6. Which regions are likely to be dominant in the headphone market?
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