The girls asked who they would rather date

YouTuber took to the streets of Barcelona and asked several women who they would go out with with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in a hilarious social experiment.

But on this occasion Torres Pit sent a video where he revealed which player will be the perfect entertainment material for a woman.

YouTuber spoke to two women who both embraced Messi before the third also chose the Argentine superstar.

Ronaldo pulled one with the fourth woman in the video, before Messi pulled the next two women well.

One of the women said she went for the six-time Golden Ball winner because he is “obviously the best player in the world”.

Surprisingly, Messi took the lead against Ronaldo with 6: 1 thanks to the votes of Real Madrid fans.

A Los Blancos fan said the Barcelona captain was “really natural”, while he suggested that Ronaldo was “fake, plastic and must show up on social media”.

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She added that the former Madrid superstar is “hot”, but he is not the one having fun.

Talking to two women on the beach, one went for Messi and the other chose Ronaldo.

The woman who chose Messi admitted that she doesn’t like it when a man is covered in tattoos.

But when Torres Pit asked if he rated David Beckham for his tattoos, she replied hilarious, “No, he’s very pretty.”

While Messi led 7-2 over Ronaldo, the Argentine ace took the last two votes to win a complete reversal.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube
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Credit: YouTube

One of the last women to cast her vote said Messi was a “better” choice than Ronaldo, adding that the Juventus superstar was “too fake” and “plastic”.