The former deputy governor of Ekiti rejects the PDP president’s approval for governor

Rasaq Ibrahim, Ado-Ekiti

The political family of former governor Ayodela Fayosa is in disarray, and many associates are in various ways arguing about who gets the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ticket in the 2022 governor’s poll in the state of Ekiti.

Some members of a group called the Osoko Political Association (OPA) have taken up arms against Fayose over the adoption of party chairman Bisi kolawola against an alleged agreement reached to open the tender.

On Monday, there were indications that a crack in the wall of Fayose’s political family had widened as the camp of one of his political lieutenants and former deputy governor, Prof. Kolapa Olusole Eleke refused Kolawole’s support.

Eleka’s political aide, Mr. Adebisi Adeola, said the former deputy governor would continue his ambition despite Kolawole’s adoption by his former boss, adding: “Eleka will not give up the race and will be ready to face Kolawole at the PDP’s primary premiere. next year. ”

Adeola, speaking as she appeared alongside Fayose’s media assistant Lere Olayink LOWER LINE, the current show program for New Cruse 92.7 FM, Ikere, which was monitored by our reporter yesterday, said Kolawole’s approval is not known to party leaders and stakeholders.

He said the former governor made a reckless unilateral decision without the knowledge of party leaders, warning that the adoption of Kolawole could further plunge the party into an internal crisis and reduce the chances of the upcoming elections if not annulled.

He noted that the failure of members to freely choose a candidate of their choice in the shadow party elections could mean a disastrous doom for the PDP.

He said the PDP should not run for governor next year with a split house because it does not enjoy the status of the ruling party at the state and federal levels, expressing fear that the adoption of Kolawole could cause a mass exodus to other parties as it happened in 2018.

Adeola said Fayose promised OPA members, including Eleka, that the final decision on who would support the party’s governor card would be made in June after aspirants could be assessed based on agreed criteria.

“Everything is not right in Ekita PDP. We’re not saying he (Fayose) can’t adopt, but you have to be transparent and things should be right. Whatever is happening in the PDP today, all leaders in Ekiti and the southwestern PDP should be involved.

“In 2018, we lost the election with 19,000 votes, and it was partly caused by those who went to join other parties. We don’t want to lose members again. If similar (Prince Dayo) Adeyeye had worked with us, we would be in power now. We are not in power at the state and federal level. ”

On the fate of Eleka’s ambition, he said the former deputy governor would run in the primary election, adding: “By God’s grace, the professor will win the shadow by a big margin.”

Fayose’s media assistant Lere Olayinka was also a guest on the program.

Olayinka, who justified the actions of Fayose and his loyalists in adopting Kolawole, said approval and adoption of desirable candidates by individuals and groups was normal in politics, noting that supporters of former Governor Segun Oni and Senator Biodun Oluimi had either time the support of their supporters.

He said the five contenders who paid N2 million each to the OPA account were Deji Ogunsakin, Ayo Oladimeji, Kayode Oso, Wale Aribisala and Segun Adekola, claiming that Oso, Ogunsakin, Adekola and Oladimeji had pledged to support Kolawole.

Olayinka said: “Fayose did not support Kolawole alone. He was supported by those who believed in Fajose’s leadership. We consulted with him (Fayose) and he agreed with us.

“On Friday, the interested parties met that this is a decision and that this is the way we are going. The fact that he (Fayose) pitched his tent with someone did not prevent others from competing or the party from organizing free and fair primary elections.

“Fayose did not personally collect money from anyone (N2 million each). We have an OPA chaired by Chief Dipo Anisulowo, we have set the conditions to be recognized as a contender, you have to express your intention, you have to write a letter. “

On why Fayose no longer supports Eleka, Olayinka said: “The political permutation in 2018 is different from now. His loyalty to our cause is now being tested. “