The Flappy Bird clone broke into the macOS push notification

In the new video, the developer showed a playable version of the viral hit Flappy Bird run within macOS push notifications. It’s a job Neil Sardesai, who previously published headlines with a clip from Pong run inside the macOS application icon. Hack hasn’t gotten a public release yet, but that’s still nice proof of concept.

According to Sardesai, this feature works by loading a web version of the game in the notice. This playback version is technically a clone of the original browser-based application, made by Will Eastcott of PlayCanvas. Sardesai notes that the feature relies on UserNotificationsUI framework, which Apple introduced with macOS Big Sur, though he says so you also need to work on iOS.

The distractions notifications are bad enough when you’re trying to get some work done, but their final combination with the version of the infamous addictive game that can be played is the final drop. Sardesai does not appear to have made his work public so that anyone could try it, which is probably a good thing for our reason. After all, the last thing humanity needs right now is for our devices to be forced to play a few rounds Flappy Bird with just a simple notification.

Flappy BirdAddiction to nature was cited by his developer as one of the reasons he removed it from the App Store after it became a hit in 2014. “It just happened to become an addictive product. I think that has become a problem, ”Dong Nguyen said in an interview at the time. Although the original game has disappeared from the App Store, numerous clones have appeared in its wake, including an excellent version of Battle Royale.