The FCTA is prosecuting 20 violators of the protocol – Punch Newspapers

Adelani Adepegba, Abuja

The territory of the federal capital for the COVID-19 working group detained 20 people for violating the COVID-19 protocol in Abuja.

The offenders, who were arrested at various locations in Abuja on Thursday, consisted of 18 men and two women.

Some of them were arrested in the popular UTC shopping complex in area 10 and Mug Plaza, the shopping area in area 2 and in the international market Garki and other places.

They were then tried before Chief Judge Raphael Egbe of the FCT Mobile Court, who was sitting in Eagle Square in Abuja, and prosecuted on one count for violating the COVID-19 protocol without wearing face masks.

The defendants pleaded guilty and were given the option of fines ranging from N1000 to N5000, depending on their behavior and conduct during and after the arrest.

FCT COVID-19 working group chairman Ikharo Attah, who led the operations, revealed that about two parks were closed within two days of the exercise.

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He said a police officer was injured due to suspicious attempts to disrupt the work of the workforce in one of the parks.

He stated, “The execution has been going on for several days. Yesterday (Wednesday) we had night surgery and it was very difficult for us. One of our officers was attacked and severely injured in the nose and is now recovering in hospital.

“So far, we have prosecuted about 20 people – four from parks and 16 for violating health protocols.”

Ikharo said that the FCT management is not considering a ban on cross-services in churches held on December 31, noting that the presidential working group for COVID-19 has not issued any directive in that regard.