The excellent Pac-Man 99 gameplay compensates for the lack of content

Pac-Man 99 is another inventive Nintendo Switch battle. Although its DLC content is overwhelming, the core of the game is a lot of fun.

When Nintendo was removed from the list Super Mario Bros. 35 from the Nintendo Switch eShop, audiences began speculating about what would follow. Many players thought that Royalea’s next unconventional battle Nintendo Switch Online would rely on another Nintendo IP, like The legend of Zelda. Nobody expected that Pac-Man will receive the next treatment. But, like Tetris 99,, Pac-Man 99 proves that simple, classic games are flexible enough to adapt to this format. And, on the back of a great game, Pac-Man 99 has cemented itself as an irresistible free Switch Online – even if its overall package is irresistible.

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Ultimately, problems with Pac-Man 99 arise only as a result of expensive downloadable content. The expensive nature of DLC recontextualizes expectations from the game, which is much stronger as a subscription bonus than as a paid title. Still, basically Pac-Man 99 experience and its ability to modernize arcade gaming make this game a valuable aspect of Nintendo Switch Online.

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I like Tetris 99 before that, Pac-Man 99 sets a player against 98 others in an attempt to be the last to stand. It’s a frantic experience that revolves around Pac-Man Ghosts swallowing in crazy attempts to survive. Players can direct worthless spirits, called Jammer Ghosts, into the opponent’s maze to slow them down. Each Spirit that the player composes after eating the Power Pellet is switched. Huge masses of Jammer Ghosts can be sent at once by descending into the Ghost Train, which is achieved by first eating the silhouetted Ghosts sleeping on the board. These ghosts will be tied with daisies to the ordinary Ghost, who can then be combined for Jammer Ghost’s big attacks.

Somehow, the player-versus-player aspect Pac-Man 99 is more complex than it seems. Like other Switch Royales, there are different targeting patterns that players can use by right-clicking. Pac-Man 99 it also introduces gaming strategies that increase certain powers at a certain price. These mechanics make the most sense when the player adjusts in a matter of hours Pac-Man 99 – and after reading a few forum posts. The game is not very good at explaining its own mechanics. They come naturally enough with experience, but this title certainly has a steeper learning curve than past Switch battle royales.

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Still, the experience can be overwhelming after clicking. It is easy to enter a trance-like state while playing, while chaining attacks while rival Ghosts threaten to threaten Pac-Man. Tetris 99 was already an experience of the white joint, but Pac-Man 99 raises it further. This is helped by relatively fast rounds that call for the mentality of a match that will run for hours. Pac-Man is an inherently fast pace when players move until they lose, so enjoying the elements of the fighting royal game only intensifies the intensity.

official screenshot for pac-man 99

Yet there is a sense of passivity that muffles the experience. In Tetris 99, there was a satisfactory and clear way of sending garbage to rivals; it was obvious and focused. In Mario 35, sending Koopas and Goombas to rivals felt more like a reactionary move – a consequence of your playing versus a deliberate, strategic attack.

In Pac-Man 99as the player flies past the seat of his pants in an attempt to stay alive, sending Jammer Ghosts feels more in line with Mario 35 him Tetris 99. The mechanics of Ghost Train are still engaged, but they lack clarity Tetris there is. Pac-Man 99, as Mario 35, speaks more of chaos and the pursuit of survival than of methodical rivalry Tetris 99. Throwing out ghost trains feels more defensive than intentional.

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Even in the light Pac-ManThe problems are: the overall gaming experience is strong and easy to download. The game is a clear boon for a service that is otherwise known for its meager offer. However, Pac-Man 99The DLC itself is scarce and may not be worth the cost of admission. His DLC is divided between new ways and exclusive themes. The latter is only cosmetic, although they put Namco-inspired entertainment palettes on the title. They are similar Tetris 99themes – which were offered for free through limited events.

DLC modes, unfortunately, are not much more significant than themes. Players can access private online matches, CPU Battle (which is just the core Pac-Man 99 with bots), Score Attack and Blind Time Attack. All single player modes work inside Pac-Man 99is a limited structure and provides a major reason to return to the game. They offer a single player component, but at some point it makes sense to simply enjoy the free multiplayer experience of this game and invest in Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for a more robust solo title. DLC content isn’t bad, but it seems quite clear unlike network multiplayer.

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And the price is certainly steep. Ways can be purchased for $ 14.99, themes for $ 1.99 individually, or all themes and mods for $ 30 combined. It’s expensive, especially considering how little a player receives, but the value proposition is almost out of order, as a purchase is optional at all. One of the hurdles is Private Matches, which probably shouldn’t be tied to DLC, but should be wrapped in a basic package.

In general, Pac-Man 99 is a lively and competitive free game that all Nintendo Switch Online members should try out. Although the Battle Royale trick is getting weaker in the industry, Pac-Man 99 refreshes the concept with a repetitive reimagining of classic arcade gameplay. Although DLC is irresistible, Pac-Man 99 standing next to A monster hunter uprising as one of Nintendo’s early 2021 delights.

Pac-Man 99, developed by Arika and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Publisher submitted review.

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