The edition has now begun to be released in the third quarter, report claims

Apple AirPods will be updated soon. It won’t be called AirPods 3, but it actually will be. There are a lot of rumors about when exactly we can see them, but the recent proposal of the trusted Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities hinted at the third quarter of 2021, from July 1 to September 30.

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Now, the story in DigiTimes, taken over by MacRumors, suggests that production has now begun, ready for the same time frame.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese manufacturer called ASE Technology has started production of optical sensors for the new generation of headphones.

Other reports show photos claimed to be from AirPods, which look more like AirPods Pro than the current AirPods.

It seems that the AirPods 3 will not have silicone ear tips for the Pro model, and it will lack some of the features of the more expensive version, such as active noise cancellation.

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This will mean that the new AirPods will not be as expensive as the current AirPods Pro, which sells for $ 249. What’s not clear is whether the next-generation AirPods will be available in two versions, such as the current headphones, one with a wirelessly rechargeable case ($ 199) and a more affordable version where you have to plug a cable to charge it ($ 159) .

There is also a dispute over whether the current AirPods will be discontinued for the next handset. I think that’s likely, but it’s still possible that Apple will keep them on sale, maybe just in a wired charging case, along with a new version.

I’m sure Apple won’t do that, as it simply becomes too complicated to differentiate between models and in any case can cannibalize the sale of a new item.

It’s a shame that previous rumors about new AirPods selling in April seem to have been wrong, but here’s hoping it arrives as soon as possible in the third quarter.

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