The director of the new documentary series Tekashi 6ix9ine calls the rapper “a really terrible man”

Karam Gill, director of the upcoming documentary series Supervillain: Creating Tekashi 6ix9ine, labeled the rapper “a really terrible man”.

The new series airs on Showtime on February 21, and follows another film about the controversial rapper, 69: The Saga of Daniel Hernandez, which landed last November.

“We live in an era of produced celebrities, where people can create inauthentic internet personas and rise to fame without any talent or morals,” Gill said. Page six.

“Tekashi’s story is just that – he’s someone who has realized the power of having his own platform.”

“I think viewers will be shocked when they realize how hyper-calculated it is. Tekashi was someone who happened to never do anything online. Every click, word, and action online is designed carefully to elicit a reaction. His understanding of how people work on these platforms is amazing. “

Continuing to call Daniel Hernandez a “truly horrible man,” Gill said he wants to capture a time “in which we saw pop culture personalities, and even presidents, shaping our own reality and manipulating all of us through digital media”.

In response to the new documentary, Lance Lazzaro told Tekashi Page six that the depiction is given in the film “the furthest from the truth”.

“Daniel Hernandez was never interviewed [the documentary], and he never participated, ”he said. “It’s interesting and almost unbelievable, without ever meeting that person … how [the director] characterized it. It’s hard to fathom. No one can comment on his talent … and how he characterized it when he never met that person. “

Last year’s review 69: The Saga of Daniel Hernandez documentary, NME wrote, “Creation 69 it may make perfect sense, but its existence leaves some bigger questions. Does this person deserve to be immortalized in this way? Isn’t this just playing into Hernandez’s hands, feeding the troll extra? “