The creator of ‘Silent Hill’ presents the first details about the new upcoming game

Creator of both Quiet hill i Gravity Rush teased the first details for his new upcoming project.

I’m talking to IGN, Keiichiro Toyama spoke about his new studio, Bokeh Game Studio, and his plans for the future. According to Toyama, the developer is working on a new title that is “an action-adventure game that fans of my previous work will like” and will feature a mix of “battles and story elements”.

Toyama was also asked about the genre of the game and whether fans can expect something similar to titles like Quiet hill. In response, Toyama revealed that it will be a “more horror-oriented game” with a focus on making it a “broader fun experience, not a hardcore horror game”.

The team hopes to release the game by 2023 and uses “PC as the leading platform”, but also added that it “hopes[s] let the game run on as many consoles as possible. “

Gravity Rush. Credits: Japan Studio

Despite the release being years away, business development manager Yohei Hart also encouraged fans to follow the studio’s social media channels looking for news in hopes that “it could help people not forget us.” Although he reiterated that “there is a limit to what you can share publicly”, the team “would like to take the opportunity to share as much as we can … so that the audience can see how the game comes together over time”.

The fans were hoping Quiet hill he will return after many years of absence. Metal gear solid creator Hideo Kojima originally led the project called Silent Hills, but was later canceled.

In time Silent Hills‘announcement, a short tiser game known as PT, which introduced the players to the director’s vision. When the game was canceled, the demo itself was removed from the list, which forced many to rework it into titles such as Half-life: Alyx.