The Champions League anthem is at the top of #UCLOFeeling the Voice UEFA Champions League

As part of this season’s To #UCLFeeling campaign, UEFA has asked players and fans to highlight what makes UEFA Champions League night under the lights so special. From the crowd before the game before the best players in the world go out on the field, to the joy of watching your team complete its final return, the competition is known for showing the best of the best on the highest football scene.

Everything you need to know about the anthem

More than 75,000 fans and some of the biggest names in this season’s competition said their opinion and the results were emphasized – that the unforgettable anthem contains that #UCLFeeling.

The anthem, known simply as the “Champions League,” was written by English composer Tony Britten in 1992, and uses elements from George Frideric Handl’s “Priest Zadok”. Britten said: “It’s always nice when UEFA Champions League stars express their enthusiasm for my UCL music, but perhaps particularly pleased that so many fans around the world have gone to great lengths to vote for the UEFA Champions League anthem as their favorite UCL feeling. That makes me very proud. “

The curtain-raising anthem took more than 30% of the fan vote, and the players also gave their seal of approval. Thomas Meunier of Dortmund said, “The feeling of the Champions League is really that anthem, that song you hear when you’re lined up on the field.”

Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus added: “Playing in the Champions League is very emotional for me. I watched the games from a young age and I always imagined playing there. When I stand in a tunnel before entering the field and listen to the anthem, it is very emotional. “

#UCLFeeling fan poll results

1. UEFA Champions League Anthem – 22,659 votes (30.1%)
2 Final return – 21,435 (28.5%)
3 Watching the best players – 11,824 (15.7%)
4. Top skills – 10,153 (13.5%)
5. Winning outsiders – 4,604 (6.1%)
6. Pushing before the game – 4,574 (6.1%)

UEFA will offer fans the opportunity to create that #UCLFeeling and win their final experience at home. Fans will be able to choose from a series of exclusive awards and win their perfect UEFA Champions League final.