The cat is a seductive zombie in Batman’s returns

Evidence suggests the idea that the Catwoman in Batman Returns could actually be a zombie.

Batman is back is one of the strangest repetitions of Batman in the history of film, in part because of a confusing and memorable interpretation of Catwoman. Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Selina Kyle’s 1992 film begins as a meek secretary, only to be rejected to death by her boss, the disgusting Max Shreck (Christopher Walken). But after she hit the ground a few stories below and when the cats licked her, she gets up and moves on with her life, psychologically, but seemingly not physically, altered by a traumatic event.

A desecrated 2004 film Cat Woman took advantage of the event, pointing out that the cats gave Selina magical powers that revived her. However, in Batman is back, there is little indication that cats are magical. Instead, it seems as if Pfeiffer’s Catwoman is less of a person or a magical chosen one. She is a zombie – a resuscitated corpse seemingly immune to death.

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The female cat represents death and rebirth, perhaps literally

The undeniable theme of the Cat character is duality, as it co-exists with Bruce Wayne’s Batman. They both have a civilian and costumed identity and both together develop unusual connections based on mutual understanding. In addition, Selina who becomes Woman of Cats also presents the idea of ​​death and rebirth. He discards his old life Seline Kyle and becomes a confident avenger.

However, a metaphor could be more than just a metaphor. When Selina flies in Batman is back, falls from a great height. Admittedly, it can be argued that her downfall is broken and slowed on the way down just enough that she can theoretically live. But as he lies there, he convulses and twitches, which is more like what happens when someone breaks a skull or cracks his neck on the way down, than just suffering a momentary concussion.

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Nevertheless, there are indications of postmortem liquidity on her jaw shortly after the fall. postmortem liveliness is when corpses begin to change color in death as a result of gravity affecting blood flow. It happens an hour or two immediately after death. This does not happen in living people, because the heart puts pressure on the blood that resists gravitational attraction, so postmortem liveliness could only happen if Selina is dead. Add to that her whole pale corpse-like appearance Batman is back, and it seems logical that she may have died.

In fact, when Selina returns home, she turns her apartment into a horrible hell, along with the inscription “Hell here,” and she doesn’t seem to have suffered any permanent injuries since the fall. No broken bones, no pain, nothing but superficial cuts. It seems impossible, although she later turns it into “Cats that have nine lives”, which indicates that one of her lost immediately in the fall.

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The female cat in Batman brings back similarities with Eric Draven from Vrana

The Crow Movie

The question of Selina’s survival can be found in the study of similar phenomena in other media. In a film adaptation of the 90’s comics, Crow, the main character Eric Draven dies, but the crow revives him and gains superpowers. Similar to how crows are used as psychopumps Crow, cats are often associated with death and the transmission of ghosts from one world to another. The cats that landed on Selina after she fell to the ground could resurrect her in the same way that the crow did with Eric.

After Selina’s cataclysmic fall, she continues to lose “lives” through the rest Batman is back, either he falls from a height into the “litter of pussy”, or Max Shreck shoots him repeatedly. The electric kiss that burns her former boss doesn’t seem to affect the Cat Woman at all, as she is ultimately alive, seemingly unharmed.

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Such superhuman endurance is impossible to explain. It can be argued that her downfalls were mitigated by other objects. However, her latex clothes are connected with a needle and thread. If the needle can pierce it, it is probably not durable enough to resist bullets. This survival only makes sense if Selina Kyle isn’t actually alive at all.

This, again, is similar to u Crow, where Eric survives a number of injuries by wearing slightly more durable skin. He heals from any fatality, all in order to take revenge on the people who have done him injustice. Selina does not have any of Draven’s supernatural abilities, such as the ability to extract heroin from veins, but she shows indestructibility after meeting an animal associated with death. In that sense, Selina Kyle could actually be a zombie.

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