The board game Monster Hunter from Steamforged will now include a hunting horn and a spear

The long – awaited crowdfunding campaign for Monster Hunter: World – board game starts Tuesday on Kickstarter and will offer just a little more than what fans have agreed. In a news release, the developer of Steamforged Games announced that it would add two weapons favorite among fans to its product line. The hunting horn and spear will be available as an addition to the basic game, bringing the total number of hunters to 14.

“We sincerely appreciate how important it is to have the opportunity to‘ use your main, ’” Steamforged said in a press release Thursday. campaign. “

Monster Hunter: The World – Board game is a collaborative experience for one to four players. Each player takes on the role of one or more hunters, each of whom specializes in one style of weapon combat. The game relies on a small deck of cards to control its massive monsters, thus eliminating the need for a game master. It’s a system similar to Steamforged’s previous game, Dark Souls: A board game, but with some much-needed variety and sophistication. It also boasts a themed campaign mode, where players can earn resources from their kills to upgrade their equipment.

The hunting horn is a large Melek weapon that tends to stun enemies, while the spear is known for its range and defensive capabilities. Both will be included in the $ 40 price tag Hunting Arsenal an appendix, which includes six unique hunters, as well as ancient forest and wild waste settings.

They will also be included in the all-in package, which costs an incredible $ 289. Fans will get a lot more at that price, including 12 hunting monsters and a total of 1,800 tickets – including tickets needed to equip hunters with more exotic versions of standard weapons. While we expect the basic game to one day arrive in retail, unlike some other high-end board games with a lot of resources, it’s not clear if all the expansions will.