The biggest change for Venom as king in black is no one he hasn’t noticed

In the movie King In Black no. 5, Venom’s relationship with Eddie Brock changes in a huge way precisely by how the symbiote repeatedly relates to its host.

Warning! Spoilers forward King In Black # 5 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman!

Something Venom recently said at the end King In Black Number 5 proves that Eddie Brock just underwent a big change and then became a symbiote god. So far, Venom has always called Eddie “us.” But he only called Eddie “you,” not once, not twice, but seven times.

Created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, The king in black the saga ends with Venom forcing Knull’s body into the sun, effectively destroying the king in black and ending the god’s short but intense reign of terror. As he celebrates, Eddie later notices that he can hear the Hive’s voices, but can’t understand them, to which Venom replies, “They speak to you in our ancient language, Eddie. Because you … you beat the void. You freed our species. Now you’re the hive mind … Eddie … you … you’re the symbiote god … you’re the king in black.

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This radical change is all the more significant when you consider how much Eddie previously struggled with his identity during the battle with Knull. At that time, Eddie temporarily lost the symbiote Venom and had just connected with the Enigma Force. When he later melts a silver surfer’s board and Thor’s hammer into a justly epic battle ax, he destroys Knull’s sword, saying, “No more swords, no more dragons, just you and me.“Still, it’s not just him and Knull. Venom still uses that joined battle ax and even uses it to rip off Knull’s symbiote like a total bitch. It’s him, Knull, Thor’s hammer and the silver surfer’s board.

In other words, Venom says “no more swords“implies that he won’t use a weapon in this fight. But Venom obviously is, which means that Venom either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or literally thinks he’s not using a weapon and that only he is fighting Knull. If the latter is true, then his misunderstanding means that Brock has truly lost all sense of individuality since connecting with Venom.Eddie has become so used to being “we” that he now believes that everything he uses (and as soon as he merges) Eddie is Eddie only when supported by another entity.When Eddie alone, he’s nothing. Unfortunately, all of this doesn’t even mention the fact that Eddie just connected with the Enigma Force. So, in fact, he’s, Knull, Thor’s hammer, the surfer’s board, i The Power of Enigma.

Still, Venom brings Eddie back from this dark place after he becomes the king of symbiotes. It restores Eddie’s individuality and feelings towards himself by calling him “you”. But what does this mean for Venom? Eddie could be King In Black, but who is Venom? How will this affect their relationship forward and how will symbiotes perceive them and their rule?

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