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Spoilers forward Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Episode 11. Code blue: Meredith woke up Grey’s Anatomyis an episode from April 8, but, as Richard Webber warned, “Great news doesn’t matter if it’s too weak to stay awake.” Not only was Meredith unconscious for a long time, but viewers also had to wait almost the entire episode to see her eyes open – despite the fact that the moment had already been teased after the previous episode in which she reunited with Mark and Lexie. There were no beach scenes or character returns in this episode either, so of course Twitter had some thoughts.

Of course everyone is thrilled that Meredith is awake after she got off the fan, but no one seems to understand why this didn’t happen earlier. One explanation, perhaps, is that Jo Wilson gave himself time with his mentor to describe with his heart about changing majors. “Since Alex left, my house hasn’t been my happiest place, so I want the job to be,” Jo thought with the still unconscious Meredith. “I am so grateful to you for believing in me before I believed in myself. And I will repeat it all to you when you wake up. Please be awake soon. Please get well soon. ”

Just because Meredith couldn’t answer at the time didn’t mean she wasn’t listening after all. Just over 45 minutes into a one-hour episode – directed by Giacomo Gianniotti (the late Andrew DeLuca) – the famous surgeon woke up with Richard by her bed. “Sleeping Head” Meredith’s first words were “I’m sorry,” followed by a faint cough. After apologizing to Richard for having to “call” to put her in the vent, he replied, “I would do it again if I had to. But I hope not.”

To close the love party, Meredith said she was glad she chose Richard as her health care attorney, but, truthfully in form, she closed with, “We need to talk about Wilson.” Even in a hospital bed – no less fresh from a coma – Dr. Gray is more concerned about keeping the hospital running smoothly and making her people happy.

Those, however, were the only words Meredith uttered in this episode. “Her energy is low. He’s still mostly asleep, ”Richard updated to Maggie in the final scene. “She is listening. Even when you think maybe she’s not, she’s … ”Before he could finish his sentence, Bailey jumped in with” extraordinary. ” Maggie intervened “unstoppably,” leaving Bailey with one last word: “always has been, always will be.” As Richard concluded, “I pray to God, you’re both right.”

It was a sympathetic moment, but fans on Twitter really wanted to know what had taken so long. Leaving Meredith unconscious most of the episode, many wondered why they were still deprived of another gathering on the beach. Some would even settle for more scenes on Derek Beach, although a few have already spoiled them this season.

Meredith still hadn’t come out of the woods. While some worried about Meredith’s knowledge of what happened to DeLuca, others were concerned that her recent progress could be another false fact. The promotion for the 12th episode Meredith did not review any more speaking scenes, although she showed how she was being driven to a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. One tweeter even became nostalgic emphasizing it Meredith was with Alex the last time she was in the infamous chamber.

No matter what happens next, Gray’s all fans can agree that good news is always welcome at the Gray Sloan Memorial.