The best digital board game conversions that can be played on your new iPad

Whether you’re playing with family in the living room or with friends around the world, these are the best digital board games that can be played on your iPad.

Board games have always been a great way to spend time, and many have been enhanced by digital conversion. Playback on the iPad means a quick start, no setup, no cleaning and no pieces missing.

Digital games have their good sides – play alone against AI or multiplayer online. Some games offer play and pass modes where you can play with multiple people on a single device.


“Battleship” is designed for the iPad with new strategic gameplay options

This turn-based strategy board game has evolved into a full-fledged video game with various modes of operation. In Battleship you can play a classic game with friends or against AI on a virtual game board.

Choose where to place your fleet, then try to sink enemy ships by guessing where they are located on the battlefield. The original version of the game took place on a square grid and players could hit each other or miss boats.

Since this is a virtual version of the game, game boards can be configured in different shapes for new types of tactics. A new alternate mode called “Commanders Mode” brings all the new gameplay elements and special capabilities.


“Tokaido” revives the Japanese traveling game with beautiful works of art and music

In Tokaido you play as a traveler traveling across the East Sea in Japan. You and your friends compete to spend the most interesting journey until the end of the game to see who wins.

The digital version of the game has a graphical interface to bring the beautiful landscape to life. Between a great soundtrack and a good visual image, players can get lost in a zen board game.

Play solo, against online friends or against AI. You can also play locally with friends using pass and play.

Sentinels of the multiverse

“Sentinels of the Multiverse” is a card game on the theme of a superhero

While not a DC or Marvel licensed game, this highly rated superhero title offers a host of exciting comic-style thrills. Originally launched in 2011 as a board card game, in 2014 it launched on iOS.

The game is cooperative, allowing three to five people to join a team of superheroes who fight the bad guys throughout the journey. During each turn, you play a card, use power, and draw a card – a simple premise that can become more complex by adding combinations and special abilities.

Sentinels of the multiverse supports standalone play with three to five heroes, support and add with local friends and network multiplayer.

The iOS version works with the iPhone and iPad, and costs $ 6.99 when purchased in the app in the App Store. You can also buy the tabular version on Amazon for $ 39.99.


“Clue” brings a classic mysterious board game to iOS

IOS version Clue allows you to determine whether it is Professor Plum with a candlestick in the ballroom or Colonel Mustard with a rope in the conservatory. The mobile port of this classic board game stays true to the original mystery game, adding 3D visual objects and scenario illustrations to add a sense of immersion.

You can play Clue either in a multiplayer network or solo against AI.

The game costs $ 3.99 in the App Store, with optional in-app purchases for a variety of themes. A complete game that uses a classic theme is included in the basic purchase.

Pandemic: A board game

“Pandemic” is a strategy game in which you try to save the world from a deadly disease

A pandemic is a cooperative strategy game in which you and a friend must devise a strategy to prevent the four deadly diseases from destroying humanity. Choose from a variety of experts who will use their skills to help resolve the crisis.

You can choose between five difficulty levels. Every game you play is different, so you can play over and over again for different challenges.

You can play alone or with a friend locally or online. Extension packages are available as DLC for multiple content.


“Suburbia” is a city simulator based on the popular card game

Suburbia is like a version of a board game Sim City, making this iOS adaptation a video game based on a video game-inspired board game. Tabletop version for 2012 Suburbia has won numerous awards, including the Mensa Select Mind Games Award. The digital port landed on iOS in 2014.

You will compete with friends or against AI while each of you controls a neighborhood in the same city. It uses a complex market scheme, where your moves will affect other players ’tile market, and vice versa. Choose a strategy to build wide residential, industrial, commercial and government areas.

Suburbia supports the local addition and play of two to four players, and also includes a single player campaign against AI.

The digital game in the App Store costs $ 7.99. You can buy Collector’s Edition board game on Amazon for $ 104.75.

Game of Life 2

“The Game of Life 2” is an updated version of the original

Hasbro’s Game of Life 2 is the evolution of the original social game. With a new animated game board and more modern content, this digital sequel is an enhanced look at the classics.

Customize your part of the game and find your career among new choices like bloggers or bran surgeons. Start as a teenager and gain new qualifications for your chosen career. Or adopt a few cats and retire early

You can play alone against AI or online. There is also the option to add and play for local games.

The app buys new themes, character add-ons and a season pass. The game is regularly updated with new content.

The race for the galaxy

“Race for the Galaxy” is a card game for building a galactic empire for iOS

IOS version Race to the galaxy remains faithful to the award-winning 2007 card game on which it is based.

It may be a little complicated for casual players, but there are plenty of thoughtful game mechanics for those looking for a deeper card-based strategy. Each player is in charge of a growing galactic empire, racing each other to finish with the most winning points.

The unique element of the game is that at the beginning of each round, each player chooses one of five stages: research, settlement, development, production or consumption. They then reveal their choices at the same time, so that other players can only strategize against the opponent’s previous moves, instead of the current turn. The way it takes place also allows for asynchronous online play.

You can play The race for the galaxy either solo against AI or with two to four multiplayers online, including private matches with friends.

The race for the galaxy costs $ 6.99 with in-app purchases in the App Store. You can buy the original card game on Amazon for $ 34.99.


“Monopoly” is a classic Hasbro asset management game

As mentioned in our previous review of board games, “Monopoly” is a classic board game that has been around since 1935. The iPad version of the game continues to receive updates regularly.

The game has network and local multiplayer, as well as adding and playing. You can play on the classic Monopoly board or buy different themes.

The game takes place in 3D representations of classic games. Properties are full of life and have animated sequences while you play.

There is a collection of games from Marmalade Game Studio for $ 8.99 that “Monopoly” combines with the other mentioned classics like “Clue”, “The Game of Life 2” and “Battleship”.

A lot more

These are just some of the best social game conversions for your iPad, but there are many more options. Exploding kittens (App Store $ 1.99 / Amazon $ 19.99) is a fun card game or Risk (App Store Free / Amazon $ 23.97) strategy game where you download the world. You can find other types of board games with only digital options like Card Thief for $ 2.99 or Two spies free with in-app purchases.