The bandits have lost their right to life, they must be wiped out – El-rufai

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai says the bandits have lost their right to life under the constitution and must be wiped out.

He said this during a town hall meeting on national security organized by the Ministry of Information and Culture in Kaduna on Thursday, followed by our correspondent.

He challenged security operatives to take the fight to the bandits in their hiding places.

This, he said, is the preferred option to end the robbery in the country.

He said the fight against the bandits “will not only cripple the outlaws, but will also appease ordinary citizens, strengthen the morale of security agencies and provide an alternative focus for energies that are wasted on unscrupulous efforts.

“These bandits have lost the right to life according to our constitution and must be completely destroyed. Today, there is no other way to approach the current rebel situation in terms of government action.

“The bandits are at war with Nigeria and there is no other way to approach the current insurgency, except for the security forces to take the war to the bandits and restore the forests where they are occupied.

“Security agencies mostly react to cases of robbery and kidnapping, we are at war with those terrorists who are challenging the sovereignty of the Nigerian state.

“Our security forces must work together to transmit the war to bandits and terrorists, to recover and rebuild the forest to enable our law-abiding citizens to engage in legitimate agriculture and livestock production.”

El-Rufai said non-state actors and others who challenge the country’s existence must be identified and addressed.