The avalanches since I left you get a Deluxe reissue in June

Avalanches will mark the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album, Ever since I left you, with a deluxe release with a number of bonus tracks – including fresh mixes by artists such as MF Doom, Black Dice, Leon Vynehall, Sinkane and Carl Craig – scheduled for release on June 4 at Astralwerks.

Before the album’s release, Prince Paul – the de facto fourth member of De La Soul, renowned remixer Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Queen Latifah, Boogie Down Productions and 3rd Bass, and half of Handsome Boy Modeling School with Dan “The Automator” – again visited the exciting title track of the album.

Other notable bonus tracks include “Tonight Me Have To Last Me All My Life (MF DOOM Remix)”, with the previously unheard of vocal contribution serving as a bittersweet homage to the late, enigmatic master of the hip-hop underground, who last passed away in October. Daniel Dumile – a masked rapper who performed as MF Doom – was praised New York Times for forging a “style that was intricate and imaginative, referring to both esoteric and low-educated references, as well as cartoons in texts that can be touchingly emotional.”

Born in London and raised on Long Island, Dumile has released six albums plus an all-night collaboration with Madlib and Danger Mouse, among others. “Tonight it must take my whole life (pulled by Leon Vynehall)” is the deep thinking of the British producer / DJ, who received recognition for his research into deep house and downtempo boundaries.

No album has ever gone down in history as The Avalanches debut. A meticulous love affair sifted from used record bins in Melbourne, Ever since I left you was an unprecedented musical invention, filtered through the hands of young music-obsessed DJs and musicians to thrive on the world’s top entertainment entertainment soundtrack.

“It’s like stringing pearls on a necklace,” music writer Simon Reynolds (Pitchfork, The New. York Times, The Guardian) is reflected in the line notes with the reissue of the 20th anniversary, “they sequenced 18 different and wonderful songs into a seamless suite somewhere between a symphony and the ultimate deejay set”

The orchestration of shifting boundaries – some say as many as 3,500 uniquely produced and merged sound fragments – was unanimously declared an act of technical genius. But the glowing heart of the project, the story of unity through time, space and infinite diversity, was the magic that made the world melt.

“I remember a few things very clearly,” says Robbie Chater, who with Tony Diblasi remains the soul of The Avalanches 2021. “We decided there was no voice on it, which made it last, because it’s a kind of transmission; nothing like that; it doesn’t mean for that time. We were also careful not to use any trendy software from 1999 or 2000. So it seems to just spin in time … ”

“Music lovers understand that, and that’s finally us,” he continues. “It’s almost like researching our relationship with the world and music and, as music lovers, what our place is in the whole process. Looking back, I am proud of this board as a pure expression of joy and love, heart up my sleeve and without irony. ”

Published in Australia in 2000, and in the US and UK in 2001, Ever since I left you was named one of the best albums of the year by critics around the world, and was later ranked in Pitchfork’s Top 10 Best Albums from the 2000s and in the Top 20 Rolling stones ‘The greatest EDM albums of all time’. Just last year, Los Angeles Times hailed it as a “masterpiece” in the circle of “life-affirming albums that will help you go through quarantine” and suggested “for a different enjoyment of deep listening, let your brain relax, close your eyes and follow the greeting offered in the album in lasting 45 seconds: ‘Have a drink, have a good time, welcome to heaven.’ ” Stereo rubber he noted, “Released 20 years ago … the record was immediately declared a classic. Its sound was intoxicating and unique, like taking you to a fantastic world in the middle of the night, where beach dance parties are nuanced by melancholy and the more sleepy you are, the more clarity you achieve. ”

Release and subsequent tour in support Ever since I left you followed by a sixteen-year radio silence, interrupted by the release of The Avalanches’ second album, Wildflower (Astralwerks), which debuted at number one on the Billboard Vinyl Albums chart and at the top of the 2016 Australian Albums chart, their third album, We will always love you (Astralwerks), received four stars Rolling stone i won the prestigious Australian Music Award 2020.

Ever since I left you – Deluxe edition of the 20th anniversary comes out June 4th. Scroll down to read the complete playlist and order it here.

“Since I left you”
“Stay another season”
“Two hearts in 3/4 time”
“Avalanche Rock”
“Flight tonight”
“Near you”
“Diners Only”
“Different feeling”
“It may take my whole life tonight.”
“Pablo’s Cruise”
“Border psychiatrist”
“Summer crane”
“Little trip”
“Live At Dominoes”
“Extra Kings”

“Tonight I’ll have to take my whole life” (MF DOOM Remix)
“Summer Crane” (Black Dice Remix)
!! Frontier Psychiatrist ”(Mario Caldato Jr’s 85% Remix)
“Electricity” (Dr. Rockit’s Dirty Kiss Remix)
“Electricity” (original avalanche tape)
“Thank you Caroline” (original avalanche tape)
“Thank you Caroline” (Andy Votel Remix)
“So Why So Sad” (The Avalanches Sean Penn Mix)
“The Shining” (avalanche good word for weekend mix)
“Pablo’s Cruise” (Original Avalanche Tape)
“I’m a coward” (The Avalanches Remix)
“Chico” (The Avalanches Wernham Hogg Mix)
“Fade Together” (The Avalanches Remix)
“Since I Left You” (Stereolab Remix)
“Flight tonight” (travel agency Canyons Dub)
“Radio” (Sinkane Remix)
“A Different Feeling” (Ernest Saint Laurent Remix)
“A Different Feeling” (Remix Carl Craig’s Paperclip People)
“Two Hearts in 3/4 Time” (Jackson & His Computer Band Remix)
“I’m going to have to take my whole life tonight” (withdrawn by Leon Vynehall)
“Tonight I’ll Have to Take My Whole Life” (Edan Remix)