The army arrested 41 members of Ghana, the high priest, 25 others

Nigerian Army
Nigerian soldiers

Written by David Odama

Determined to cleanse the country of robbery, kidnapping and other criminal activities, four special forces of the Nigerian army, the House arrested about 41 members of the infamous gang leader Terwase Ghana.

This leads to the arrest of Ghana members at 119 since the death of the gang leader in September this year.

Four special forces, Major General MG Ali, unveiled this Wednesday at the House, the headquarters of the command, parading the suspects in front of journalists.

General Ali explained that in accordance with the readiness of the Command to restore peace in Benue, Taraba and the South Plateau carried out operations, expelling a total of 41 members of Ghana’s gang.

According to General Ali, a sum of 1,487,500 N 500 was found from the bandits.

“IAM is pleased to inform you that special forces have not only kidnapped the high priest, but I am glad to tell you that the terrifying shrine has been razed, the high priest is responsible for preparing gang charms using human parts of abducted persons. “, Said General Ali.

He said in addition, one of the commanders in charge of the robber gang terrorizing the people of Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa, Torkuma also died under siege by the Command while hiding in a village in Katsina Ala

According to him, special forces expelled Boko Haram terrorist and notorious gangs in Toto, Nasarawa, adding that in one of the secret in Kaduna, the team in cooperation with other sister organizations arrested one of the displaced members of Boko Haram, Salis Usman Dabo and neutralized him Buji Bazamfare , as well as key bandits who terrorize the driver along the axis of Lokoja, Cotoncarfe and Abaji Abuja.

“In one of our operations on Okpli, Isanl, Ilorin, Edo, Kogi and Kwarra, the team managed to kidnap Abdulhakeem Sadik and Momoh the infamous kidnappers – the king who terrorized the Kogi area who kidnapped and killed DSS personnel.

The SF commander, who said the command had kidnapped the other 12 artillerymen in the kogi, Kwarra and Kaduna, said more than 200 cows had been rescued among the collaborators, convinced the command would continue to do its best to ensure the safety of all law-abiding citizens.

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