The Apple HomePod mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are going through a DXOMARK Audio trial

DXOMARK has released more reports, and this time it’s the HomePod mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max audio tests. The first, although he behaved well in terms of size, is not even close to the competition in terms of results. The iPhone, however, is approaching the scale compared to its sibling.

Apple HomePod mini

For starters, Apple’s HomePod mini achieves a global score of 98. Not that this score is outstanding or anything like that, but it seems to do a good job despite the smaller dimension. By comparison, the best candidates like Amazon Echo Studio and Google Nest Audio sit at the top with 124 and 112 points, respectively.

Please note that this category is for basic wireless speakers (under € 200). The report says the speaker produces good tone, treble and clear mid-range sounds. Although it has a smaller (8.5 cm) pitch, 360 ° sound helps it achieve consistent sound through fewer artifacts.

However, it lacks bass, stereo effect, not so great maximum volume and has low midtones. It usually seems to be suitable for indoor spaces (background music) and occasional listening, but it does not impress as a speaker in a loud entertainment scenario.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple’s iPhone 12 recently received a score of 73 points, but the older sibling beats it by a point more. At the same time, Apple’s top iPhone 2020 Pro Max 2020 scores a good 74 total points. It is also better than its spiritual predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is three points behind (71).

The device offers a good tone with good high / low level extension and consistent tones in all volumes. The sound dynamics seem to be good, and the report also says that the speaker is suitable for games with good spatial attributes (playback).

All in all, Audio is good for recording / playback in noisy environments, and the selfie video output is above average. But it has cons such as shielded microphone placement (during playback / recording), small distortions in loud content, too bright and aggressive treble.