The announcement ‘Those who want me dead’ puts Angela Jolie against a forest fire and assassins

Those who want me dead the roles of Angelie Jolie are interpreted as Hannah Faber, the smoker. It is an upcoming Western thriller film directed by Taylor Sheridan, and is based on Michael Koryte’s book of the same name, published in 2014. The first trailer of the film has now been released.

Announcement ‘Those who want me dead’ published

Warner Bros. Pictures shared the first Those who want me dead trailer, New Line Cinema project. It all starts with Angelina Jolie as Hannah gambles over the loss of three lives she failed to save from a fire. He encounters a traumatized twelve-year-old who has nowhere to go because his father was killed by two assassins.

Hannah takes responsibility for child protection. Soon the killers find them and the chase for life begins. One of the assassins lights a forest because the fire will increase the problems of Hannah and the boy. Angelina Jolie was then seen in some action sequences confronted by the killers. The film is set to hit theaters and HBO Max on May 14, 2021, and will be available on the streaming platform 31 days after its release. Look Those who want me dead trailer below.

Those who want me dead in the cast is Finn Little as Connor Casserly, a young man who escaped the assassins. Aidan Gillen (COM)Game of Thrones) and Nicholas Hoult (People X: First class) was seen as a duo of father and son assassins. Jon Bernthal (COM)Punisher) plays a sheriff in Montana, Harrison. There are also Tyler Perry, Medina Senghore, Jake Weber, James Jordan and Tory Kittles.

Those who want me dead The plot is described as a women-run Westerner set in the middle of a forest fire raging in the Montana wilderness. When the teenager witnesses the murder, he finds himself being chased by twin assassins in the wilds of Montana. Although there is a survival expert in charge of protecting it, a forest fire threatens to destroy them all.

The screenplay was adapted by Taylor Sheridan, along with Michael Koryt and Charles Leavitt. Sheridan earned an Oscar nomination for her screenplay Hell or big water In 2016, Koryta’s novel focuses on a 14-year-old boy who witnesses a brutal murder. It gives him a false identity and hides him in a wildlife skills program for troubled teenagers. On the other hand, the killers slaughter anyone who gets in their way in a methodical search to find the child.

Promotional image source: Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube

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