The announcement of the film “Sons of the Forest” teases the release date from 2021

Still at the 2019 Games Games. we had an insight into Sons of the forest, the sequel to the cult favorite horror game for survival The forest. It’s been almost exactly a year since we’ve seen new footage of the game, but developer Endnight Games this week shared a new trailer offering another look at the game, its story and release window.

A minute and a half clip works great comparing worldly and nervous moments side by side. A moment later, the player’s character cuts down a tree to build a cabin in the clearing, only to find himself face to face with a grotesque mutant a moment later. It also provides some enticing clues to the story. So if you want to go blind, we suggest you don’t watch the announcement. “Everything you’ll see is recorded in real time from our latest version,” according to Endnight Games.