The AMM calls for the representation of women in governance

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) on Thursday voted in favor of greater representation of women in management.

Dr Dumebi Owa, National Chairman, Committee on Gender Equality of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), visiting the program in Lagos to mark International Women’s Day, called for greater representation of women in politics.

Women from different fields gathered in a program organized by an NGO, STAGE for Women’s Development in Magod, to mark the day.

Owa called on all levels of government in Nigeria to increase places for women in politics to ensure real development, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that countries led by women have fared better.

“The NMA is working with STAGE to develop women on better health, economic indices and all indices that would improve our well-being,” she said.

She listed women leaders in various countries who have amazing results, more than their male counterparts, and called for thoughtful policies that would ensure gender equality in national politics.

“And now we have Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who is now dragging where no African time man or woman has ever been, which tells you that Nigerian women can be good leaders.

“We don’t put our men down, we need them, but what we’re saying is to give more space to women.

“In this population, we have more women than men, but it is unfortunate that the number of women in management is declining. It was much more in 1999 than now in 2021, and that is sad, “she said.

Owa called for a change in strategy to increase opportunities for women, adding that the easiest way is to lift any nation out of poverty through women.

She called for the cooperation of well-to-do Nigerians with The STAGE for Women Development in its ongoing empowerment efforts by joining their initiative to adopt and empower at least one woman.

Dr Angela Daniel, President, STAGE for Women’s Development, said women are better managers and should be entrusted with more political offices for the country’s rapid industrialization.

She stressed the need to raise “more political godparents” in order to reduce the challenges created by several years of male domination in governance.

Daniel said the opportunity for more women in politics will remove stereotypes, discrimination and challenges that affect women and increase other women’s confidence to join political parties.

This, she noted, had the desired impact on nation-building.

She said male dominance in national politics has led to things being done wrong with a growing trend of political violence, which only women can correct.

“The presence of women in elected and appointed political positions can increase the legitimacy of the political system, and thus public confidence in the system,” she said.

She said the NGO has launched an ongoing awareness-raising campaign to change the orientation of women at the local level to support women in politics to rise above the tricks of selfish politicians.

She also listed other programs aimed at sensitizing as well as empowering women at the local level to prepare them for political office.