The Amazon Music app gets a new Car Mode with Alexa voice control

The same week that Spotify added voice control to its app for safer use without the use of hands while driving, Amazon added a new feature called Car Mode to its music app.

The Amazon Music app for iOS and Android received an update this week, featuring a simplified interface with larger keys and less text, making it easier to use while in the car. To discourage you from touching the ride hole on the screen, Alexa helps you find music by looking for an assistant for a specific artist, album, playlist, or genre.

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Amazon has made Car Mode automatically enabled when your smartphone is connected to the car via Bluetooth. Open the Amazon Music app and the Car Mode interface will come to life. It can also be turned on manually from the app menu if you want to play music using an audio cable instead of Bluetooth.

Preset playlists, stations, and albums are served to help you find music without searching through lists or typing. You can adjust these preset settings while you’re not driving, so that the next time you use the app’s music to your liking, it will be offered first. The key here is to reduce the time spent looking at and touching the screen.

Car mode is enabled when your phone connects to the car via BluetoothiStock

You really should only touch your smartphone while you are at rest, so most of the time you can ask Alex to help you. The Amazon Music app already had Alexa support, where your phone’s microphone will open, ready to hear “Alexa” wake up word.

Before this didn’t make much sense, but now with Car Mode means you can communicate with the app without touching the phone or even looking. Basically, Car Mode turns your smartphone into a simplified Echo Show smart screen, located on your instrument panel or mounted on the windshield and ready to play any music you are looking for.

Alexa stops listening to her name and the microphone turns off when you close the app. Alexa and Car Mode work at all levels of Amazon Music subscription, so it can be used by all Prime subscribers.