Thai astronaut selected for NASA space mission 2022. | Taiwanese news

Taiwanese American astronaut Kjell Lindgren.  (NASA photo)

Taiwanese American astronaut Kjell Lindgren. (NASA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwanese News) – Kjell Lindgren (林琪 兒), an American astronaut born in Taiwan, has been chosen by NASA to command the Crew Dragon spacecraft to fly to the International Space Station next year.

In a press release last week, the space agency announced that Lindgren, 48, and Bob Hines would serve as commander, or pilot, for their fourth SpaceX Crew mission. It was said that the duo will be the primary crew, while NASA’s international partners will select additional members in the coming months.

According to NASA, the 2022 mission is part of its commercial crew program to accelerate the development of privately operated space vehicles to carry crews into low-Earth orbit. The Falcon 9 rocket will take the spacecraft from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and the team is expected to join an expeditionary crew that has been on the space station for some time.

For Lindgren, this will be her second space trip, after a 141-day mission in 2015. Born in Taipei to a Swedish-American father and Taiwanese mother, he spent two and a half years in Taiwan before moving to the UK and eventually to the US

Lindgren holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the American Aviation Academy, a master’s degree in cardiovascular physiology from Colorado State University and a medical degree from the University of Colorado. He was elected an astronaut in 2009, and was elected a member of NASA’s Artemis team in 2020.