Tesla’s new Boombox function will allow car owners to fart towards unsuspecting neighbors

Tesla’s new holiday update will finally give people the opportunity to use the new Boombox mode, which can emit customized sound from the outside of the car (hence the name). As is usual with Tesla’s new features, the Boombox combines real usefulness with low humor: owners can use farting and goat sounds instead of the usual, annoying trumpet sounds that car trumpets usually produce.

The mode was launched with a series of other updates as part of Tesla’s firmware update 2020.48.26 and is something that Tesla’s fans eagerly awaited. In the new mode, which can be seen in the timestamp section in the video below, Tesla owners have access to several sounds via the Toybox section that they can use instead of the usual siren: baaing goat, applause, a small “then” clip, someone who speaks elegantly and , of course, fart.

Although Tesla owners have been able to create fart sounds in the car for some time, the Boombox mode effectively allows people with newer models to use a built-in speaker that delivers sound to poor unsuspecting people outside the car. Tesla cars manufactured after September 1, 2019 have a built-in speaker. Speakers were added because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “required that silent electric cars not emit noise to warn pedestrians,” according to Teslarati. Here’s a description of what Boombox mode does thanks Teslarati:

Turn your car into a boombox and entertain a multitude of media player when you are parked. You can also adjust the sound of your car when you press the siren, drive the car or when your car is moving using the Summon app. Select an option from the drop-down menu or insert your USB device and save up to five custom sounds.

Farting is not just reserved for trumpeting. Updating Tesla’s “Emission Test Method”, which is a code for fart sequencing, means that cars can now fart whenever they want, and people outside will not be able to escape the sounds. Teslarati adds:

The emission test method can be used outside the car. To adjust, select the desired sound and place the cushion on the external speaker. When you are ready, play the selected sound by pressing the left scroll button or using the turn signal. To access, tap App Launcher> Toy Box> Emission Test Mode.

In addition to farting, people can also use Tesla’s Boombox feature to harass neighbors in other ways. For example, now Tesla can emit the same sound as an ice cream truck, based on the video above. So, if someone really wants to play a cruel joke with children this summer, just take a ride around the neighborhood playing a cheerful song that makes kids think about cones and ice cream.

The ability to load five tracks also means that people can obviously drive their Tesla vehicles around the city with any sound they want. When one person asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk if they could drive their car according to Ludacris ’classic hit from the 00s,“ Move Bitch, ”Musk pointed to a custom shipping option.

There are a lot of other add-ons that came with this year’s holiday update. Car owners have access to three new games – Battle for Polytopia, search for cats, i Solitaire – can be played while parked. Supercharging screen enhancements and enhanced scheduled departures are also included in the firmware update. You can read the complete list of updates on Reddit.

It may have a festive spirit in me, but allowing your car to fart properly is pretty nice. It was as if something had been ripped out directly Shrek – better outside than inside!