(Termination) JUSUN strike: Judicial workers in Lagos consider partial resumption

(Termination) JUSUN strike: Judicial workers in Lagos consider partial resumption
Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria, JUSUN

Henry Ojelu

The chapter of the Nigerian Judicial Staff Union, JUSUN, is currently considering a plan to partially cancel the strike that began on April 6, 2021, seeking judicial autonomy.

Vanguard the findings revealed that the JUSUN, Lagos chapter concluded an agreement to write the national body of the association seeking permission for partial resumption of work.

The reasons for the move to multiple sources depend on the fact that the Lagos state judiciary enjoys a higher level of financial autonomy compared to other states of the federation.

JUSUN Lagos chairman Asiwaju Shobowale Kehinde confirmed the move to our correspondent, but said the proposal must be finally approved by JUSUN National Secretariat in Abuja.

“Yes, I can confirm to you that we are trying to partially continue working. We have had a series of meetings with stakeholders in the state and we believe it is in our best interest to partially open the court. We will communicate with our national authority and seek approval. So it all depends on what our national body says, ”he said.

Vanguard he was also acquainted with an insight into the minutes of Shobowale Kehinde on the subject.

Part of the memorandum reads: “We had a lot of interactions in strike situations with fellow presidents, especially from the southwest, southeast and south-south.

“Lagos JUSUN revealed that only the government of the state of Lagos is the one that showed concern and seriousness by listening to the ears in this fight of JUSUN.

“At this point, Lagos JUSUN had four meetings with a powerful government official, especially with Mr. Governor.

“From our position and privileges as chairman of JUSUN Lagos, we are really lucky. Even the national leadership has not made significant progress at the moment as Lagos JUSUN is doing.

“Our support requests are being considered quickly and the results are showing. Although there is a national agitation for financial autonomy, this will be achieved at the national level and all states will benefit from it.

“Our union had the best assurances directly from the governor and the chief judge of the state of Lagos about the improvement of social welfare benefits for the staff that has eluded us since 2014.

“Although today (April 20) they showed their commitment to delivering two new buses to the judiciary, while the House of Assembly gave them only one bus, even though both branches of government are currently on strike.

“It is impossible for the state branch to stop the national strike, so the JUSUN strike in the state of Lagos continues.

“But because of the great respect and honor of the judiciary of the State Court of Lagos towards Mr. Governor and Chief Justice of the State of Lagos, our desire is only to ease the rules of the strike to allow backlogs, read verdicts and remove congestion by pavidemia covid and EndSARS protest .

“Therefore, work and official duties are limited to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week, while Monday and Tuesday of each week remain our strike days that all staff must remain off duty to observe the national strike.

“The Union will review progress on both the left and the right to make informed decisions as the event unfolds.

“Please note that the staff of the state judiciary in Lagos is still on strike, but it was generous that the judiciary and the government of Lagos put the force first in our time.

“All court doors in Lagos State will be partially open only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.”

Faced with the contents of the letter, Mr. Shobowale told our correspondent that it was only an internal communication that had to be approved by the national body of JUSUN.

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