Teamfight Tactics Teases sets 5 themes, calculations and new game modes

The developers behind Teamfight Tactics have released an inside look at the upcoming Set 5, Reckoning and a brand new, fast TBT Labs mode.

Fans of Riot’s auto-fighter Team fighting tactics I can look forward to new ways of playing and a new set theme, Calculation, says the game design leadership. A recently released video developer gives the first insight into CalculationA draconian theme, which focuses on the ongoing battle of good against evil.

Team fighting tactics started on time league of legends and he drew inspiration from mechanics and play Dota Auto Chess, in which eight players build teams with available units fighting in automatic rounds until only one remains standing. Team fighting tactics it is now available as a standalone mobile app with a gaming store that is independent league of legends, and since its 2019 edition, it has expanded the list of units by introducing thematic sets. These sets bring a fresh new series of game mechanics, features and league of legends champions in the list, and upcoming Calculation is no exception.

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Since the release, Team fighting tacticsThe popularity rose sharply to unprecedented levels, occasionally even winning league of legends in terms of popularity, especially when new sets are launched. Riot’s game design manager, Mortdog, went into further detail about what the next set is, Calculation will bring to the table through the developer vid posted on League of Legends the official YouTube channel. The video reveals the return of Draven, League of Legends A great executioner in his ruined gathering and the gods kings Darius and Garen in champion skins. Interestingly, Teemo also appears with a special twist – his new incarnation of the Little Devil, which can only be purchased with health, not gold, which means the upgrade is done at the player’s peril. Vid also demonstrates a new feature of Draconic Origin, which lays eggs on the benches of players who will hatch in random units after a few turns.

But what does Calculation and the upcoming patch update that makes it especially memorable is introducing new game modes for the first time in Team fighting tactics history. The new feature, aptly named TFT Labs, will allow players to try out new game modes for a limited time, such as beta testers. Introduced the first new mode, Hyper Roll, will change the rules of the game to make matches much faster, limiting them to about 15 minutes of total playing time. If the mode works, it may have a permanent home in Team fighting tactics. If not, they will disappear to make room for new experimental ways. It will be a great opportunity to bring in new fresh ideas Teamfight Tactics and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If all goes well, Calculation will break through to Team fighting tactics April 28 as part of the patch 11.9. That’s about six weeks of rest, but Mort promises that new updates will follow soon, which is probably a small consolation TFThas 33 million monthly players – a number that will undoubtedly jump once again Calculation It’s here.

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Source: League of Legends / Youtube

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