Taylor Swift is releasing a surprising album “evermore” – DU Clarion

On December 11, Taylor Swift surprised fans with her ninth studio album and second album of 2020 titled “forever. “It’s a follow-up to her previous surprise album.”folklore, “Which was released in July.

It’s easy to see why “always” considered little brother or sister of “folklore”, because there are similarities in tone and perspective. Longtime fans know that Swift has gone through a variety changes in a musical style during his career, far from the country, which fans fell in love with in 2006. She has tried her hand at pop, rock, electronic pop, indie and folk, but still “folklore” and “evermore” are perhaps her most sincere connection to her storytelling roots.

Swift has always made narrative cohesion a priority in her albums. Each song traditionally tells a love story, often inspired by Swift’s past relationships. However, in 2014, she switched to writing music about friendships, identity, media representation, political views, and the study of fictional characters.

Album opens “Willow, “Which continues the story from the song”cardigan. “Texts like”I was like water when your ship rolled that night / Rough on the surface, but you cut like a knife ”emphasize Swift’s vulnerability and confessional approach. Other songs show Swift’s commitment to musical experiments, such as the ethereal opening of “gold rush“And intertwined piano chords in”dorothea. ”

“Evermore” is a soft, emotionally driven and charming collection. Includes collaboration with Haim,, National i Bon Iver. Some of my favorite songs include a gentle piano ballad. “problems with champagne, “Gentle and timeless”happiness“And beautifully tragic”tolerate it, said someone who knows that their love should be celebrated / but you tolerate it.

As someone who is a fan of Swift’s “Fearless” days, and less of her “Reputations,” this album strikes a romantic balance between country and indie-pop. Admittedly, there are some songs that don’t agree so clearly. The story of revenge on “no body, no crime“It’s a weird and split country song that ends in murder. Swift’s sleek vocals clash with National Matt Berniger on the showconey island. “All in all,“ evermore ”captures both the chaos of the pandemic and the silence of isolation that characterizes 2020.

The fans are guessing that Swift will release a third surprise album. One of these theories refers to the word “Woodvale” hidden on the cover of a luxury edition of “folklore”. Another theory notes that there are three variations of Swift cardigan merchandise.

Whether we see another album this year or not, if Swift continues to explore darker characters versus gentle and thoughtful genres, her music will surely provide a poetic and relaxed escape.