Super Meat Boy Forever Dev presented the launch with a sincere message to fans

In the hours leading up to the recent launch of Super Meat Boy Forever on console and PC, co-creator Tommy Refenes wrote an honest note to fans.

Team Meat was released this week Super Meat Boy Forever; in the hours leading up to the launch, franchise creator Tommy Refenes thanked fans for their continued support in a heartfelt message. The sequel hit the Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store yesterday, ending a decade-long wait for proper tracking.

Interesting, Super Meat Boy forever it didn’t always have to take the form of a sequel to the 2010 hit platform. Team Meat instead started a project with the intention of making a car-only race car. Obviously, these concrete plans have changed and turned into something far larger in size. Fans can now explore Super Meat Boy Forever for himself, embarking on a new adventure filled with new characters and a multitude of surprises.

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Hours ahead Super Meat Boy Forever’s launch on Switch and PC, series co-creator Tommy Refenes shared a message on the official Twitter page for Team Meat. The note begins by telling fans that there is only good news in the said message. Refenes then jokes about the now infamous RED Project CD messages that boast black text on a bright yellow background. The game designer mostly talks about his excitement that fans can finally enjoy the sequel, which introduces several new characters, additional worlds, “a ridiculous amount of levels and lots of surprises“He also writes about the immense pride he feels in his team, before thanking Epic Games and Nintendo for their support. Refenes concludes the message by thanking fans for their patience and for the rest invested in Super Meat Boy for the last decade.

As Refenes noted in his above post, the sequel to Super Meat Boy it is nothing, if not for a long time. Work on original plans for Super Meat Boy Forever it initially started back in 2014, while Refenes worked alongside Team Meat colleague Edmund McMillen. After this one left the project, Refenes started anew in 2017. The fruits of his work and the work of others are now available on the Switch and Epic Games Store.

What the developers at Team Meat will continue to cook, of course, remains to be seen. But it seems like the fans have a lot of content Super Meat Boy forever to occupy them for quite some time.

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Super Meat Boy Forever now coming out on the Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store; meanwhile, versions of the PS4, Steam and Xbox One are on track to come out sometime in 2021.

Source: Team Meat

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