Sumitomo Heavy Industries: Video broadcast of the Vacuum Air Servo webinar on unique air pressure technology

TOKYO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Co. Ltd. (TOKYO: 6302) (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, CEO Shinji Shimomura) posted a video from the webinar. The theme is “Vacuum Air Servo”, which allows positioning at the nano level.


Webinar Video is now available

Chip miniaturization is accelerating in the semiconductor industry thanks to technological innovations such as 5G and autonomous driving.

At Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Co. Ltd., we have developed a vacuum servo stage for high-precision devices, which is a new technology developed in Japan that enables the production of world-class high-precision.

Instead of the conventional motor method with a vacuum servo-step, we use air pressure as the driving force in vacuum cleaners using our proprietary air pressure control technology to achieve nano-level positioning.

All movements and mechanisms are presented in a video about webinars. Please enjoy.

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