Stop chasing our governments, the PDP tells APC

The Forum of Governors of the People’s Democratic Party announced a donation of 100 million fire victims to the Tutuwada market in Zamfara state, warning all the Progressive Congress to give up poaching their governors.

Sokoto State Governor and Forum Chairman Amina Tambuwal said this on Wednesday when he led other PDP governors to Zamfara State Governor Bella Matawall.

Tambuwal said in a statement by River State Governor’s Special Assistant to the Media Kelvin Ebiri that the APC decided to play petty politics with the victim’s accident, instead of sincerely cooperating with the state’s people fighting insecurity and the latest fire incident.

He said, “How many lives have been lost since the APC was in charge of this government house so far? How many have come here to cooperate with the people of the Zamfara state?

“This is our home. We PDP governors are not visitors. We are completely at home and no visitor can replace or replace the homeowner. We returned home, not as visitors, but as owners of this home, to work with our people affected by this mess. I pity any leader who wants to use misfortune to play politics. ”

He further called on the APC to give up playing politics and save Nigerians from the prevailing high levels of insecurity and poverty.

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike also called on the APC to concentrate on addressing the challenges facing Nigeria and to stop the PDP governor’s poaching.

He said, “We all know the level of insecurity in Nigeria today. Instead of concentrating the APC and fighting insecurity, what the party is doing is moving from one state to another to poke people. Now, you can imagine the insult, the party in the federal government that declared Zamfer a no-go zone, the same party is coming to persuade you to join them. I can’t understand that. ”

Wike, however, urged Matawall not to fear the antics of the APC, which he accused of inciting the crisis in the state.

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