Stop and deliver Night One

No matter how much NXT writers wrote the script for the weekly TV show over the past year, the big TakeOver shows continued to air on the first nights as well. NXT TakeOver: Stop and deliver did not deviate from that trend.

WWE’s “alternative” brand has made its contribution WrestleMania 37 with a card for five matches on Wednesday night – six if you include a Toni Storm / Zoey Stark match before the show – and four of them deserve at least a little consideration for the 2021 game of the year.

That’s why choosing the three main parts from the show is a difficult task, but that’s what this article wants to do.

Those were the three things WWE got right on the night of one of the NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver

3. Pete Dunne and Kushida set up a technical clinic

Pete Dunne and Kushida did not get the strongest material for their own Download the match – a skirmish was set around each wrestler proving their superiority as a mat technician – but the “turn in your report at 11:59 on the board” the vibrations of the quarrel were not important after the opening bell rang.

As expected, these two showed fans who have adjusted why they are both in the highest rank when it comes to applying restraint and finding a way out of precarious situations. The flesh of the match focused on working with each other’s hands for a variety of reasons – Kushida placed the Hoverboard Lock and Dunne to prevent locking in that posture – and this led to incredible counterattacks, many of which ended with Dunne cracking Kushida’s fingers.

Although the finish felt abrupt and you could claim it was crossed by the wrong person – Dunne pinned Kushida after hitting the Bitter End – there are no arguments about the quality of this opener.

2. Star battle Raquel Gonzalez and Io Shirai over the NXT women’s title

Speaking of simplicity, Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez adhered to the “smaller wrestlers bottom against their bigger opponent” format in their NXT Women’s Championship main event match, and the two of them maximized this proven formula to create arguably the best women of the year matches so far .

Of course, this match proved once again that Shirai is among the best wrestlers in the world, but Gonzalez also deserves a lot of help because she kept up with her relatively small opponent in a match that had almost no restraints and rushes around like a wrestler half smaller.

As Gonzalez replaces Shirai as champion, it will be interesting to see who he sets up for her in the coming months – the brand is easy for credible babyface candidates for her. Shirai, for his part, probably headed for Raw or SmackDown after paying his respects here. But for now, we marvel at the effort these two have put in for one of the most prestigious awards in wrestling.

1. WALTER and Tommaso Ciampa beat s *** each other

In the main shows, WWE likes to present itself as a stage that gives fans a bit of everything to satisfy as many tastes as possible. Of course, the reality is that so many Raw and SmackDown products are homogenized to the point that it is completely destroyed, and that includes matches.

Despite all the flaws, the NXT sometimes avoids this problem, and Walter’s match against Tommaso Ciampo at NXT TakeOver: Stop and deliver it best illustrates how these aberrations out of routine can spur an already amazing match.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a match centered on a wrestler trying to hit someone with a knife blade?

For almost 17 minutes, these two men missed gleaming high spots – not that the two of them were known for that anyway – and fought until one came back.

Of course, there were more than devastating blows in this match. WALTER’s sale of his “injured” arm down the move was phenomenal and it was remarkable where Ciampa bridged the needle with his surgically repaired neck just to get WALTER to stand up, twist his neck and hit two bombs.

The finish – WALTER hit Ciampa with a sleeping suplex and a chopper to score the game – seemed anticlimactic at first glance, but it shifted all the damage Ciampa suffered during the fight and further established WALTER as a wrestler who cares about efficiency and who care only about retaining the title, damn points. It was unexpected and unlike any other ending of the show, which in a strange way makes it perfect for this match.