Sting pushed for Cinematic Match against Undertaker in WWE before joining AEW | Bleacher Report

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We can break the speculation: Sting will be present at AEW – although it may be in cinematic format.

The 61-year-old appeared in the episode on Thursday AEW unlimited podcast, saying AEW President Tony Khan asked him about his willingness to hold a cinematic match and lamenting how his time with WWE was coming to an end:

“I didn’t want to end the way it ended. I pushed to win a cinematic-style match with Undertaker. For probably many reasons, it just won’t happen. When Tony called and talked to me, he said, ‘Are you interested in playing?’ a movie-style game? “I said, ‘Yes, I did.’ I’d like to go back and do it, not disappear with my tail between my legs. I don’t have to go out on top, I’d like to go out in a positive light. “

Sting last wrestled at the pay-per-view Night of Champions 2015 in a WWE championship game against Seth Rollins. He was forced into medical retirement after suffering a neck injury in the match.

Starting with the peak of the wars on Monday, a few decades ago, fans demanded a Sting-Undertaker game. It’s unclear why WWE refused to progress with Sting’s tone, given that the film style would allow Sting and Tucker to make more shots, shoot scenes ahead of time, and make up for their physical shortcomings in their later years.

There is no news on whether Sting will try to compete live with AEW, although he will likely be in tag team action if he does. AEW was able to successfully host the return of 63-year-old Diamond Dallas Page to the ring at the January Bash on the beach without incident.

Nonetheless, filming cinema-style matches will allow AEW to greatly limit the amount of potential responsibility for Sting’s health and help avoid any moments when he looks far behind his age.