Steven Gerrard’s top Liverpool XI revealed that Luis Suarez failed to make the cut

Steven Gerrard represented his home club with a medal, having spent 17 years in the first team of Liverpool.

He played 710 times for the Reds. In front of him are only two players on the all-time club appearances.

And with so many games under his belt, Gerrard has obviously performed with a wide range of Liverpool players, from great and good to overbearing and long forgotten.

In fact, according to Transfermarkt, he has seen some time playing with a total of 161 different Reds players, which says nothing about the matches he played for the LA Galaxy or for England and their under-21 team.

  • XI is made up of the players who have appeared the most alongside our prominent player or for our prominent manager. We are not looking for the ‘Best’ XI in general, and the player / manager himself is not in it.
  • The numbers of appearances for a player are based on the time spent on the field at the same time as our main man, taking into account both the club and international level.
  • This is not necessarily the eleven players who have spent the most time on the field with / for him, but the eleven who would fit into the work team.
  • We won’t come up with a Garth Crooksesque formation, but we might name submarines if we feel like it.
  • All minutes played and performance statistics courtesy of
  • Don’t get angry in the comments section.

During his career, Gerrard played for many great players of his generation, but who did he associate with most often? We can now discover his ‘Ultimate XI’ based on the people the Liverpool legend has played with the most times.

This is not necessarily the best lineup based on which teammates he played. Most people, for example, would choose Luis Suarez for Gerrard XI, but he doesn’t work here.

It must also be a vaguely feasible team, which means that some players miss because their positions in the flank are already filled.

And most importantly, don’t take this too seriously.

Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina

Games with Gerrard: 314

Jose Manuel “Pepe” Reina Paez is third on Gerrard’s list of all time, after spending eight years together at Anfield.

He has over twice as many joint appearances as the next goalkeeper on the line, Jerzy Dudek, so it is a very worthy inclusion.

Right back: Glen Johnson

Games with Gerrard: 187

Gerrard has two right-backs in his 12 most common teammates, and they are separated by only two appearances.

So the credit goes to Steve Finnan who is missing here, thanks to Glen Johnson earning 37 English captains along with his Liverpool captain.

Central defender: Jamie Carragher

Games with Gerrard: 570

Carragher is one of Gerrard’s closest friends in football

If you were trying to guess who was in this XI, we came to your automatic selection. The best answer to Family Wealth.

Two of Liverpool’s top three players have played most of their careers side by side – and have represented their national team together – so it’s no surprise when Carra enters the defense. They spent almost 31 full days together in the field. Lordy.

Central defender: Sami Hyypia

Games with Gerrard: 378

In second place on Gerrard’s team-mate list we find a man who must be in conversation for the best signature transfer value in Premier League history.

Costing just £ 2.5 million, Sami Hyypia sorted out Liverpool’s defenses as they built for the modern era, and left by making 464 appearances for the club. Legend.

Left back: John Arne Riise

Games with Gerrard: 289

Hello? Hello? Go. As with Reina, there was only one realistic choice for this position (although Riise also played in Liverpool’s left midfield) and that was the man who assisted Gerrard in scoring a goal in the 2005 Champions League final.

The nine goals they have linked to include a strike in the 2003 League Cup final against Manchester United. Quality is not quantity, huh, guys?

Right midfielder: Dirk Kuyt

Games with Gerrard: 218

The Dutchman joined Liverpool as a striker, but found his place as a real striker in Rafa Benitez’s 4-2-3-1 system, so Kuyt was with Gerrard most of the time in a very real sense in a red shirt.

The pair teamed up for 10 goals, making Kuyta the fifth most productive teammate in Gerrard’s career.

Midfield: Dietmar Hamann

Games with Gerrard: 219

Kaiser has one common look in front of Kuyt and the groove next to it in our Ultimate Gerrard XI.

Hamman and Gerrard played nine Cup finals together, including all three legs of Liverpool treble in 2001, a Champions League victory four years later, and an FA Cup victory over West Ham the following year.

Midfield: Lucas Leiva

Games with Gerrard: 187

Lucas has regularly partnered with Gerrard in the Liverpool midfield

Lucas Leiva had a career in Liverpool, from distanced hair and misunderstandings in his early days, all the way to a later key wheel in the midfield.

If he hadn’t persevered, he might have been remembered for the 2007/08 Goodison Park derby. – in which he replaced Gerrard, not played with him.

The Brazilian should probably captain our side as well, as he has the best average points per game from matches with Gerrard of any player in this XI.

Left midfield: Danny Murphy

Games with Gerrard: 178

Although Murphy was not a left midfielder by profession, he certainly played there for Gerard Houllier’s Liverpool team, in matches that included the 2001 UEFA Cup final.

So that’s our reason we’ve included it here and we stick to it. Oh, and his 178 appearances with Gerrard for club and state mean he deserves to be included as well.

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Next: Michael Owen

Games with Gerrard: 226

Fifth on Gerrard’s list of most frequent teammates is Michael Owen. Their relationship probably peaked in 2001, when they connected and created goals against Alaves in the UEFA Cup final and England’s unforgettable 5-1 victory over Germany, to name just two examples.

But other than that, only four men have played multiple games with Gerrard, so Owen would be here no matter what.

Next: Emile Heskey

Games with Gerrard: 218

And if you get Owen, then Heskey won’t be too far behind, be it with Liverpool or England.

The former Leicester striker is one of nine players with at least 200 appearances with Gerrard, and even assisted him on a goal at the 2010 World Cup. What a guy.

Replacements: Martin Skrtel (214 appearances with Gerrard), Steve Finnan (185), Xabi Alonso (165), Jerzy Dudek (155), Peter Crouch (143), Jordan Henderson (141) and Vladimir Smicer (137).