Stardew Valley is now a cooperative board game

Stardew Valley has been adapted into a board game form and is available for purchase for $ 55, according to the game’s developer Eric Barone (ConcernedApe). Stardew Valley It started out as a popular, indie-take on farm sim classic Harvest Moon, but now the video game will finally exist in physical form (without the need to go out and actually learn the farm).

Stardew Valley: A board game was developed over two years by Barone and social game designer Cole Meideros. The goal of the game is to adapt playing from video games like farming, food search, mining, and romance into an adaptable but less open form that you can actually end up in one session. The game is also designed for one to four players, which means that just like the original game, you can play alone if you choose.

Completing the game requires completing “Grandpa’s goals” and bundles of community community that you are already familiar with from the video game version. Players complete tasks and gather resources by shifting their pawns around the board and engaging in an activity of their choice. Mining in the mines, fishing on the beach looking for food in the wild, and of course farming on the farm. The seasons progress by a week in each round, which means that the time and available resources change as do the seasons.

In a blog post announcing the board game, Barone emphasizes that it is designed to contain a certain depth and complexity. “It’s easy to play when you learn the rules, but it’s not a short, casual game.” He says. It also provided a rulebook so you can better understand how difficult it is to set up and how many other mechanics you have to deal with.

Although the board game may not seem as accessible at first as the video game it is based on, the amount of detail that went into the re-creation Stardew Valley in physical form it looks really impressive. You can buy Stardew Valley: A board game now for $ 55.