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Sonequa Martin-Green with Dissatisfaction Cat on Star Trek: A Discovery

Sonequa Martin-Green, very good pussy
Photo: Michael Gibson / CBS All Access

Here is what is happening in the world of television for Thursday, December 24th. All times are Eastern.

The best choice

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access, 03:01): Our own Zack Handlen has expressed some frustration o DiscoveryThe Mirror Universe story, but it’s all behind us (at least for now). The farewell of the show from Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) is over, it’s time to turn our attention somewhere else, namely: KITTYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!

What role Grudge The Cat will play in today’s episode remains to be seen, but just watch that episode up there! Who’s a good cat? You’re! Yes you! And will you be mentioned in Zack’s recapitulation, which will air on the page this morning? Oh, we think you probably will, a magnificent hairy friend with his perfect little whiskey!

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Stand (CBS All Access, 03:01)

Wild maps

We have come to a point in this long, long year when most broadcast options are repeated either a) Christmas or b). So by the end of 2020, we will highlight some of those festive things, but also some great shows or episodes from the year that you may have missed.

Christmas at a Victorian farm (Acorn TV, 03:01): Victorian Farm was a big hit in the UK when it first arrived more than a decade ago, and this short Christmas-themed series is the result of that popularity. Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn return to the original Shropshire estate to “solve a number of new agricultural tasks; explore life in the wider part of the village; and discover in depth how the Victorians created the Christmas celebration we know today – from greeting cards and Christmas carols to the rich array of festive food they put on the table. “

Movie you’ve watched before (various): It’s a big night for movies on TV, and no, this isn’t A small ax-respective thinkpiece disguised. NBC is tonight It’s a wonderful life (NBC, 8:00 PM) and ABC has The greatest showman (ABC, 20:00) but we suggest you choose any movie that features a Christmas tree and start an argument with your family over Zoom whether or not it counts as a Christmas movie. And speaking of Hugh Jackman:

Poor education (HBO): “Hugh Jackman plays Frank Tassone, a man who in real life embezzled millions of dollars from the Roslyn School District, a school district that would help him become one of the most competitive in New York State. Frank’s drop in grace is sudden, and Jackman does his best, gnashing his teeth inside titled Long Islanders who expect to take even their most mediocre children to Ivies. He is equally fiery when he encourages the source of his downfall, the brave teenage reporter Rachel Bhargava (Geraldine Viswanathan) or thinks about a new life with Kyle Contreras (Rafael Casal). Evil funny Poor education is a gruesome indictment for the greed and humility of one man, as well as for encroaching on private interests in public institutions, and another surprisingly relevant entry on our list. ” Read the rest of Danette Chavez’s thoughts on our list of the best televisions this year.