Spotify continues to support emerging artists in the Philippines,

Since its launch in early 2020, Spotify‘s RADAR the program has become an important part of the music ecosystem. Through its global platform for emerging artists, Swedish giant audio streaming has supported budding artists from around the world and enabled them to connect with even more listeners. To date, RADAR alum include such Rina Sawayama,, Kid LAROI,, Alaina Castillo, i SB19.

This year, Spotify reaffirmed its commitment to highlighting growing talent in Asia by launching RADAR in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand and introducing new performers for the Philippines, Indonesia and Mandopop.

In an interview with Bandwagon,, Kossy Ng, head of music, Spotify Asia discussed the impact of RADAR in Asia and offered an overview of Spotify’s future plans for the region.

Congratulations on branching the radar to different areas in the region! What has been the response and reception since your launch?

Thank you! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added a new lineup of performers to our existing ones RADAR Philippines,, RADAR Indonesia, i RADAR Mandopop. We have just launched new RADAR lists for Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. We are really proud of what we have achieved so far with RADAR across Asia. The artist’s feedback has been positive, and many have been tempted to achieve some great things. For example, from our first series of artists RADAR Asia, Tiara Andini, Indonesia and Chih Siou from Taiwan they infused esteemed accolades from the industry Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) i Golden Melody Awards (GMA) respectively.

Across borders, indie artist OHMYMEITING from Singapore recorded a big increase in transmission and listeners on Spotify with a growing number of fans in Taiwan. P-POP range SB19 now making waves across the Twittersphere with a fandom stretching beyond the Philippines. R&B singer August Wahh has significantly increased its audience outside the Philippines, and was also featured in Spotify’s global RADAR promotional video last year.

Thanks to close collaboration with managers, artists and labels in Asia, we have been able to develop a program that best enhances their vision, while ensuring resonance of audiences from local shores and beyond.

In what ways will you be able to further expand support for these artists?

We continue to work closely with artists to provide best-in-class editorial support, focused on our ever-focused goal of connecting artists with new listeners and fostering their sustainable, long-term career growth. At the front of the playlist, for example, we have introduced special welcome messages from each RADAR artist, allowing fans to hear the artists first hand and get to know them better.

Throughout the year, we will continue to unlock opportunities to highlight these artists and their works, as well as ongoing support on the RADAR playlist display platform. As music discovery becomes more and more borderless, Spotify is in a unique position to provide artists with a truly unparalleled global reach for listeners from around the world. Ultimately, RADAR deals with fans discovering new artists from all over the planet.

What did the RADAR team learn from previously launched programs?

The RADAR program is always evolving. We want to ensure that a wide representation of growing artists from across the spectrum of genres, cultures and scenes across Asia gets a chance on Spotify. Through RADAR we have seen several great success stories, for example, RADAR Indonesian artist Mahen, whose song ‘Pura Pura Lupa’ took out Wrapped 2020the most popular song in Indonesia. What hasn’t changed is the desire to work with these artists for a long time as we build an audience and grow overtime.

Spotify provides access to local music to reach a wider audience, and the constant goal for me and my team here in Asia is to empower creators by providing the right resources and tools to access the world stage. As our business has grown in over 170 markets worldwide, we have adapted the program, making it bigger and better than before under one cohesive brand.

How has the RADAR program progressed since it was launched for Filipino, Indonesian and Mandopop artists?

This year, we’re providing a fresh series of Asian artists coming, with Spotify’s support for the editorial and platform – raising the next generation of domestic talent to take them to the next step in their careers. This includes the launch of three new RADAR playlists featuring songs from emerging artists on our regional horizon, as well as brand new lists of performers for existing programs in the Philippines, Indonesia and Mandopop.

Here is a brief overview of the playlist from RADAR Asia:

RADAR SG & MY: From lo-fi pop to indie R&B, we discovered ten growing musicians across the embankment. Iman Fandi,, Vanessa Reynauld, i lullaby they were among the first to be introduced in the debut of the local program.

RADAR Vietnam: Representing Vietnam’s live music scene, eight creators are on the rise in an eclectic mix of genres. Some of the debut performers include Juky San,, hooligan. i Minh.

RADAR Thailand: Some of the rising indie-pop performances that pave the way forward include LUSS,, LOSTBOYS,, Qler and a soul quartet I hate Monday.

RADAR Philippines: Coming to the next frontier in local music represents ten Filipino talents across a range of genres such as hip-hop, indie folk and more. Look at the artists too Alisson Shore,, Alamat,, Elle Sabastian,, Rob Deniel,, Nathan i Mercury.

RADAR Indonesia: Establishing a firm foothold in the domestic music scene with unique Indonesian sounds is five growing artists, including Oslo Ibrahim,, Christie i Gangga.

RADAR 新 勢力: With bright Mandopop stars across the region, five new artists have been identified as artists to watch, including KIRE,, 艾薇 i 許光漢.

RADAR Korea: A playlist dedicated to discovering the most interesting and upcoming Korean artists.

What are Spotify Asia’s plans for the rest of the year?

K-Pop is an undeniable musical force in Asia and the world, so we have a great focus on this, especially in the background of our recent launch in South Korea. We continue our efforts to raise Korean creators at all stages of their development and connect with global audiences through the K-Pop Hub and campaigns. Fans who are especially looking for fresh K-music finds can head to RADAR Korea.

Mandopop will remain in focus as we continue to build our dedicated hub for Mandopop in the region and for listeners around the world to explore everything from the latest hits to classic songs and upcoming sounds, including leading models like 最 Press 華語 榜 and more.

Champions of local music and genres will surely be at the top of our list! Across the region, a growing number of amazing talents are looking forward to working with. In Indonesia, we continue to expand our own Music Indonesia a hub to help fans discover a wide range of genres and cultures through editorial playlists like Puncak Klasemen who highlight the best of Indonesian music, IndieNesia highlighting a very exciting indie scene and Boso Jowo represents Javanese music.

As audience interest in local hip-hop scenes grows, the Asian hip-hop genre still remains to be seen. The rise of emerging rappers across Asia such as That’s right [VN],, Nobrvnd , Alisson Shore [PH],, Bunga [MY],, Basboi [ID], KIRE [Mandopop] also see us presenting them on RADAR this year.

Finally, I would encourage all artists to look at ours Spotify for artists a platform for obtaining the tools needed to develop a fan base. It is also the fastest and most efficient way to spot music editors about upcoming releases, as well as the opportunity to enter one of the editorial playlists that stretch from local, regional and international audiences.

Spotify has always been committed to developing artists and connecting fans with music they will love – you can expect even more in our efforts to encourage rising Asian artists.