Spider-Man Star is shooting a movie that blew my fuse – the deadline

The movie that blew my fuse is a Deadline video series that aims to provide an antidote to headlines about industrial insecurity by redirecting conversations to the creative ambitions, formative influences and inspirations of some of today’s great screen artists.

Each installment asks the same five questions. Today’s topic is Tom Holland, a British actor known for starring Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Holland took a long break from playing Billy Elliot in the musical of the same name in the West End in 2008. He continued to play screen roles in the feature film about the 2012 tsunami. Impossible and TV series awarded the Golden Globe Wolf Hall.

He first played Spider-Man in Captain America: The Civil War 2016. before the front page Spider-Man: Back home a year later. He was a key part Avengers: Endgame, the highest-grossing film of all time, and is currently shooting his third solo film about Spider-Man in Atlanta. At the same time, Holland expands his network into more dramatic roles, reuniting with the Russo brothers Cherry, who follows the wild journey of a disenfranchised young man from Ohio. Cherry premieres in theaters on February 26 before landing on Apple TV + on March 12.

In The movie that blew my fuse, Holland explains how Harry Potter inspired his love of cinema, discovers to develop a Primordial fearproject in style and talks about how his career ambitions have changed in the last two years.

Watch the video above.