Speedrun SUPER MARIO BROSA record broken after 2 years

A full two years four minutes and 55 seconds were the fastest that anyone could beat the original Super Mario Bros. game for the NES. The world speed record was believed to have been cemented back in 2018. And the NES player community thought it was a record that simply wouldn’t be broken anytime soon. But thanks Polygon, we now know that someone has surpassed this feat. And it certainly didn’t take long, in a grand scheme.

Twitch streamer Niftski achieved this new historical record. It is done exactly at 4: 54: 948, which is officially the fastest that anyone has won Super Mario Bros. so far in history. Check out this emotional and historical moment in the video below. And try not to feel emotional while watching it!


So how was that achieved and how was this record broken in just a few years? Niftski told people on Polygon that he noted that his time saving on the old record was “the implementation of an error on the pole of 8-1, which saved 0.35 seconds on the old record which went to 8-4.” Listen, some things in life literally come down to just a few milliseconds. It looks like in this case. As can be seen in the YouTube video of Bismuth YouTube, thousands of runs end in front of the pole on the first level of the game.

Twitch footage from the speed record of Super Mario Bros., which is won on April 7, 2021.


The so-called flagpole omission that Niftski is talking about? This refers to the famous trick in which Mario glitches into a block holding a flag, allowing him to complete a level without lowering it. After achieving what many thought could never be done, it didn’t take long before the player set a new goal; the streamer has finished broadcasting announcing the news that they are developing another mission for the game. What already? Maybe let Niftski enjoy his big historic victory for a minute, don’t you think?

Featured image: Niftski