Soyuz rocket launch scheduled for December 1 due to bad weather in Kourou-Roscosmos – Science and space

MOSCOW, November 30 / TASS /. The launch of the Russian Soyuz-ST-A rocket with the Falcon Eye 2 satellite for the United Arab Emirates from the Guyana Space Center near Kourou in French Guiana has been postponed to December 1 due to bad weather, Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin said on Twitter.

“Transferred for tomorrow due to weather conditions in Kourou,” he blogged.

The original lifting was scheduled for November 29. Rogozin said on Saturday that the launch was postponed to November 30th. Meanwhile, a source from the space industry told TASS on Friday that the final tests of the Soyuz-ST-A rocket carrier on the Kourou Space Port were successful and no errors were found.

Last Monday, a source told TASS that Roscosmos experts found technical problems with the rocket during preparations for its launch from the Guyana Space Center. The source explained that the leak of the electric pneumatic valve was determined during the test on the assembly and the measuring mixture. A new item was delivered from Russia and replaced, the source said.

Dmitry Rogozin confirmed on Tuesday that Russian experts found a faulty valve in the Soyuz launch vehicle on the Kourou spaceport, thus preventing an accident during its launch.

The Soyuz-ST-A rocket carrier has been developed and is being produced by the Russian Progress space rocket center as part of the Soyuz program at the Guyana Space Center.

The launch is a modification of the Soyuz-2 phase 1a launch vehicle adapted to the requirements of work in the space center of Guyana in terms of security (receiving orders from Earth to stop the flight), telemetry system (transmitters operating in decimetre range with European telemetry frame structure) and working conditions ( increased humidity, sea transport and others).