Southeast governments are joking with regional certainty, says former Senator Imoa

Former National Assembly member Athan Achonu has accused southeast governors of trivializing the region’s security.

Achon, who represented Imo North in the 8th Senate before being ousted by the Owerri Court of Appeals, called on Igbo governors to take over the Eastern Security Network from the indigenous population of Biafra and reform it.

Exsenator responded to the escape from Owerri prison, as well as the attack on the headquarters of the Imo State Police Command and the killings in the states of Enugu and Ebonyi.

He said young people are angry at governments for lack of employment and business opportunities.

Achon, who said he advocated a movement for billions of Igbo to return their investments home, said that without security and infrastructure, manufacturing companies would not prosper in the southeast.

He said, “There is a problem in Nigeria. The situation is terrible. Our economy is losing control. The unemployment rate is incredible. The worst hit are the Southeast and South-South. Young people are now turned into Yahoo boys and drug addicts. ”

“Our group will hold a presentation this April to all the governors of the Southeast about the need for Igbo billionaires to invest at home. Without local government autonomy, true democracy will not happen in Nigeria.

“The governors of the Southeast are joking with Igbo’s security. They make the biggest mistake of their lives. They can take ESN and legalize it. There is no insurance in Nigeria. The abduction is happening even in Bukhari’s village. Nowhere else is it safe in Nigeria. ”