Sonic The Hedgehog is literally God for the entire planet

In the hedgehog Sonic no. 127 Archie Strip, Sonic arrives on a planet where the inhabitants of that moment influence him as a god.

Even Sonic fans whose fandom mostly comes from video games know that space travel is by no means foreign to him. Probably the most famous example occurs in Sega Genesis’ Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when Blue Blur and his faithful companion, Tails, board the space station of Dr. Robot Death Egg, where a climate showdown eventually prevails. Even an overly light heart Sonic the Hedgehog Adventures The TV show sent a dynamic duo out of the atmosphere of their planet in search of Robotic novices robbing the asteroid belt. But all of this pales in comparison to when Archie Comics forced the alien species to view Sonic as a literal god.

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Proven over and over again, Archie Comics has supplanted the Sonic Universe envelope by creating more dynamic drawings crossed in more complex arcs than any other medium in the now discontinued Sonic the Hedgehog a series of comics. In issue no. 125, Sonic prevented the alien invasion by reversing the countdown of the alien Quantum Dial that would have created a black hole had the spiked hedgehog not turned on. Unfortunately, the countdown required Sonic to run around the alien weapon at such a high speed that he was soon transported light years away from his home planet.

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Traveling home, Sonic eventually encounters a rather unique planet where time travels exponentially faster in issue no. 127 written by Benny Lee and Mike Gallagher. In fact, the space traveler testifies as generations pass in just a few moments of his arrival: an entire tree shoots out of the ground in front of him and an amphibian evolves before his eyes. Not wanting to be caught by a time anomaly, Sonic retreats to his space pod and falls asleep. When he wakes up, the hedgehog sees how primitive huts are suddenly transformed into futuristic architecture that resembles the masterpiece of Dr. Eggman. Although remarkable, plastered on almost every surface, blue is a symbol with three spikes protruding from the center in a way that reminds Sonica of herself … and with good reason.

Sonic soon discovers that the indigenous species of the planet while sleeping became a god-like character. Shockingly makes sense. Sonic arrived as soon as life began to form there, so while he slept, the unfortunate species basically evolved into technically advanced humans overnight. Because of how different weather affects Sonic and the inhabitants of the planet, Sonic was believed to be a statue of their creator god, as it has always been there since the beginning of time. In fact, numerous wars have been waged over what Sonic actually represented. Nonetheless, the species soon became advanced enough to build a machine that slowed down the way time affected them to match Sonic’s so they could communicate with it.

Incredibly, this special story was just one of the many adventures Blue Blur experienced as he tried to find his way home to a port full of play on words called “Tossed In Space.” While Sonic eventually returning to his home planet, his arrival did not mean that the authors of the series had stopped devising ways to put the hedgehog into stranger situations outside the norm. No, that was just the beginning.

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