Slack is launching Connect DMs to allow you to send messages to people outside your company

Slack, a popular platform for communication and collaboration in the workplace, is expanding its messaging functions. The platform will now allow Slack users to send instant messages to any other Slack. The feature is called Connect DMs.

According to the protocol report, Slack allows you to send a call to anyone via his email address. When the recipient accepts the call, they are added as a new contact on the Slack sidebar. The report notes that the new messaging functionality turns the workplace platform into a messaging app for anyone. This feature also puts Slack on a par with popular tools like Microsoft Teams.

“When someone opens the phone,” Ilan Frank, Slack’s vice president of product for Protocol, said, “if they connect with their friends, they click on Facebook or WhatsApp. If they connect with someone they work with, no matter where that person works.” , you should click on Slack. ”

WhatsApp for business? Slack now allows you to send messages to anyone no matter where P works (protocol)

The report goes on to say that the function was in operation for quite some time, even before Salesforce took over the company. The introduction, however, is aimed at keeping the platform competitive as the popularity of Teams and Zoom grows.

Slack is also facing questions about how to protect users now that it has expanded its instant messaging feature. Some Twitter users also pointed out a few holes that could lead to abuse. For example, the sender may send an invitation in obscene language or send offensive messages.

The company quickly recognized the problems. The company said it has removed the ability to customize the message when a user invites someone to Slack Connect DMs.

“The security features of Slack Connect and robust administrative controls are a key part of its value for both individual users and their organizations. We made a mistake in this initial introduction that is not in line with our product goals and typical Slack Connect experience. As always, we are grateful to everyone who came forward and we are committed to solving this problem, “said Slack, Vice President of Communications and Policy Jonathan Prince.