Six nations: France did not report new positive tests on COVID ahead of the conflict in Scotland Rugby news

France says all of their players and staff tested negative for Covid-19 in the latest round of testing; 10 French players passed the week on a positive test; a decision on whether their match against Scotland can continue on Sunday is expected on Wednesday

Last update: 23/02/21 9:54 am

France did not record further positive cases in its latest coronavirus test

All French players and staff tested negative for coronavirus in a new round of tests before deciding whether their Six Nations match against Scotland could go according to schedule this weekend.

The French rugby federation said on Tuesday that new tests were conducted Monday night, following a series of positive effects of the coronavirus at the French camp. This time all the players and staff passed.

Prior to that, 10 players and three staff members had positive results in the attack that hit the French team.

The most recent were captain Charles Ollivon, strikers Cyril Baille, Peato Mauvaka, Romain Taofifenu and quarterback Brice Dulin.

Charles Ollivon was one of five French players to have tested positive on Sunday

Charles Ollivon was one of five French players to have tested positive on Sunday

A test group to monitor the six nations is due to meet again on Wednesday to decide whether the match against Scotland can be resumed on Sunday in Paris.

If not, it will probably be delayed for a week.

Scotland warned on Monday that the delay could affect the availability of its own players.

Any delay will have an impact on the player release contract with the clubs, who could see more than 10 Scottish players not available for selection if the match is rescheduled, the Scottish Rugby Federation said.

“We will work closely with colleagues from the Six Nations to launch a case to continue this week’s game, if it is medically safe,” it said.