Simi, others give cash to a woman who praised her husband for Christmas chicken – Punch Newspapers

Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja

The teacher, Blessing Aribisala, was receiving donations from Nigerians after a tweet appreciating her husband bought chicken for Christmas went viral.

Tweeting the handle @ Adebless2020, she posted a photo of the chicken and thanked her husband for blessing the family.

She tweeted, “My husband is the best husband in the entire universe. He brought this home this morning. The first Christmas festival as Mrs. My only and only person may God help you and answer all your silent prayers because you always make me happy. Thank you very much, my dear husband. ”

Aribisala’s announcement initially attracted negative comments from several people who thought he was making a fuss about “ordinary chicken”.

However, many were touched by her sincerity and gratitude, especially at a time when people no longer appreciated small gifts.

The post went viral, attracting nearly 38,000 likes and over 6,000 retweets.

In a subsequent tweet, Ms. Aribisala said she decided to appreciate her husband because he was a security guard and had not received a salary since 2016, but still made the effort to buy the family for Christmas.

She tweeted, “I guess you don’t all know where this is coming from. My husband is a security guard and works under contract. He has been working and has not received a salary since 2016. If you don’t know, it has brightened my day. Stop dragging. “

Aribisala’s announcement began to provoke reactions and attracted the attention of several popular Nigerians.

Soon, a crowd of Nigerians began commenting on Aribisala’s timeline by asking for her bank account number so they could donate as well.

The music star, Simi, announced that she gave the lady N200 000 for Christmas, a tweet that Aribisala acknowledged.

@ Valhalla_X0 also donated 100,000 NW, which was acknowledged by Ms. Aribisala. He also announced that his friend gave a separate donation in the amount of N10,000, which was acknowledged.

“God bless you and your loving husband and may God bless all those insecure idiots accordingly. I am proud of your family and tonight I will support you and your husband with N100,000. Ignore bullies and online bullies. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas celebration, ”he tweeted.

The businessman identified as @atobacool, also donated to Ms. Aribisala of N100,000, while several others donated between N5,000 and N15,000.

I’m talking to PUNCH on Friday, the teacher said she never knew her post would go viral and attract donations from well-meaning Nigerians.

She said indeed, things weren’t too good financially, but she was just starting to appreciate her husband who had been trying to secure a family since they got married two months ago.

“I really want to appreciate Nigerians. I am a teacher while my husband is a security guard. I did not expect anything from my husband, because he had not been paid for a long time, but he tried to make me happy. I only went to social media to appreciate it, but I didn’t know the tweet would attract so much attention. I am deeply grateful to the Nigerians and I promise to invest this money wisely, ”she said.