Sigma announces the fp L reckless full-resolution 61MP high-resolution camera; More information at B&H Photo Video

Key features

  • BSI Bayer full-frame 61-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • UHD 4K30p video with 12-bit CinemaDNG
  • Hybrid AF for phase and contrast detection
  • 3.15 ” 2.1m-Dot LCD touch screen
  • Recording up to 10 fps, ISO 100-25600
  • Continuous power supply via USB-C
  • Director’s viewfinder function
  • Crop zoom mode and updated color modes
  • SD card slot, USB-C drive support
  • Compatible with EVF-11 viewfinder

Sigma fp L mirrorless digital camera with EVF-11 electronic viewfinder

The most significant update for the fp L camera is the use of a full-frame BSI CMOS Bayer array sensor in full 61MP resolution. The increased resolution offers improved detail while maintaining an impressive dynamic range and flexible sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600. The sensor enables UHD 4K video recording up to 30 fps or FHD at 120 fps, and internal 8-bit Cinema DNG recording is also possible. If you are recording from the outside, 12-bit sampling is possible, with the option of recording directly to SSDs via the Type-C USB port. The enhanced 61MP resolution also benefits the video as it promotes sharp shots through down-sampling; an optical low-pass filter helps reduce moiré for photos and videos.

The new sensor now also has built-in autofocus for phase detection on the chip, with focusing with contrast detection, which enables faster, more accurate focusing performance and tracking of the subject in different lighting conditions. Other features of the updated sensor include a new Crop Zoom function for cropping images during shooting to simulate operation at higher magnifications; Duotone and powder blue color modes; accurate 24.00 fps shooting for movie look; and improvements to the director’s viewfinder function, which includes new compatible cinema cameras and customizable frame lines.

In addition to sensor updates, Sigma fp L also introduces a number of usability improvements, including the possibility of uninterruptible power supply via USB-C, such as interval recording, long recording or even if you use the fp L webcam. If you work in multiple camera scenarios, custom functions can now share cameras via unique QR codes, and you can also take screenshots of your own fp L LCD screen for recording purposes.

In addition to the fp L itself, another big announcement to the system is the EVF-11 electronic viewfinder, which is an auxiliary EVF that uses the modular design of the camera system. This viewfinder attaches to the left side of the camera body and offers 0.5 ” 3.68мdotted OLED panel for light and clear vision at eye level. The tracker also has a 90 ° tilt design for easier use at lower operating angles. The EVF-11 will be available complete with fp L or is available on its own and will be compatible with the original fp via an upcoming firmware update.

Find out more about Sigma fp L without mirrors in B&H Explora:

Sigma fp L Mirror Camera – First look

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